According to an article written by The Washington Post, in 2013 there were 78 homicidal shootings and 547 innocent people were killed. It was also stated that 60 percent of those shooters obtained their guns legally. Now, before I unleash my opinion I would like to say I am a firm believer in all of the amendments.

But I think the second amendment – the right to keep and bear arms – should be abolished. If everyone

George Amaru / Art Director

George Amaru / Art Director

in America has the right to own guns, then how can terrorism in America ever stop? One out of three homes in the United States posses a gun.

The reason why most people feel the need to own a gun is to protect their families in the comfort of their homes. I understand that.

However, I truly believe that if guns weren’t sold legally in America there would be less criminal activity. So, what would be the need to have guns in households if criminal activity wasn’t as likely?

Hunting is a completely different side of the second amendment debate. Obviously, every hunter needs a rifle. To solve this problem, I feel as though America should have a law that states anyone who wants to hold a rifle in their home needs to own a hunting license.

The way to obtain a hunting license is by taking classes on things like how to hold a rifle, how to spot an animal from a civilian and how to decipher marked trails for hunting.

These practices could be organized by the state. Once hunters have their hunting licenses, they will be free to purchase guns legally. This will hopefully decrease the amount of mass shootings that have recently hit America.With these changes, the second amendment could easily be abolished.

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