Greek life is one of the most known and controversial topics discussed on college campuses. Not only are they given bad names, but they are judged so harshly. As a first-year, I heard the horrible things said about greek life and sororities in particular. Before entering Keene State College, I was dead set against joining any form of Greek organization on campus. During a conversation with a close friend, she convinced me to go to recruitment and see what it was like to meet the girls in all the sororities on campus. At first I was nervous because of

Tim Smith / Photo Editor & Meredith King / equinox STaff

Tim Smith / Photo Editor & Meredith King / equinox STaff

the stigma, but at the first recruitment with all the sororities there my opinion was changed quickly. I went to each booth and the girls were very nice and excited to be talking about their sorority. The one thing that stood out was how happy and committed each girl was.

They were thrilled to see new girls rushing and telling them about their way of living. After recruitment I realized what was being ignored and hidden from the stigma, that Greek life is about bonding and being around people that you fit in with and love being around. The girls in the sororities had a bond that most people never find. Noticing how bonded and connected they are made me want to be a part of something bigger than the social gatherings and putting it on a work resume. It made me realize that it’s a sisterhood/brotherhood amongst people that fit like puzzle pieces. Being a part of something that you feel comfortable and happy with is an amazing feeling and these fraternities and sororities provide that brotherhood and sisterhood that people may not have.

Another thing I feel is overlooked when discussing Greek life is the fact that each fraternity and sorority have a philanthropy that they go by. This not only provides a sense of family, but a sense of community as well. Serving others and doing charity makes communities stronger and better. It is shocking to me that this isn’t discussed. Fraternities and sororities work so hard for the community service they do and it seems they aren’t as recognized as much as they should be. The negative light distracts from the amazing things they do for others and for each other. I have decided to go through the recruitment process not only to see how they operate, but in a way to change my opinions of them. Greek life has a great purpose and the negativity surrounding it ruins it for those who are proud to be involved. The girls standing next to their letters and wearing them were so happy and proud to be where they are today. I give them kudos for showing off their sororities and keeping them the way they should be: all about being in a fun and supportive community and not allowing the negativity get them down. For those thinking about joining Greek life, do it. Be proud to wear those letters and don’t let the negativity get in the way of what it truly means to be in something larger than life, as the Backstreet Boys would say.

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