This week’s student assembly was the last meeting of the semester. The agenda included elections for three open positions on next year’s Eboard, and a potential new committee was discussed.

The open positions included treasurer, secretary, and speaker. The first to be decided was treasurer.

Christine Nigzus, current treasurer, was nominated to serve again next semester.

She ran unopposed, with a unanimous decision to re-elect her. Secretary was the next election, and the nominations were Dominique Vallaincourt, Bethany Peterson, and Laura Grahm.

All three candidates have been on student assembly for the same amount of time, and had the same amount of experience.

Graham was voted to the position. “I want the extra work . . . I feel like I can do more on assembly,” Graham said.

The final election was for speaker. The nominations were Vallaincourt and Bridgette Normadin won the election. “She’s really good at stepping up when she needs to,” Kristen Reid, member of student assembly, said.

Bobby Graham, student body president, spoke during reports about the overall year they had. “Really good job this year guys. This was one hell of a year. We got thrown a couple curve balls … There’s still a lot of work to do, but we’re heading in the right direction,” Graham said.

Student government is wrapping up the academic year this Thursday with the carnival to be held on campus.

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