The bands Hellogoodbye and Aer took Keene State College by storm as students crowded into the Mabel Brown Room to attend the show.

KSC’s annual Fall Concert, which took place on Saturday, Nov. 22, 2014, was hosted by the Social Activities Council.

The Social Activities Council, or SAC, is a “student organization that is responsible for a majority of the events hosted on campus,” according to their Facebook page. The group is made up of a collection of students who meet Thursdays at 6 p.m. in the Madison Street Lounge. The club is open to new members.

Brendan Olson, KSC first year, volunteered to work security through SAC for the concert. “It mostly entailed breaking up fights and stopping people from pushing, smoking and drinking,” Olson said, “It was really just baby-sitting.”

Connor Morrell / Equinox Staff

Connor Morrell / Equinox Staff

While actively monitoring the crowd, Olson was able to enjoy the concert from his spot right in front of the stage.

Kendra Stone, a KSC student, follows SAC on Twitter. However, it was Stone’s friends who brought the concert to her attention.

“My friends and I bought tickets as soon as they were on sale,” Stone said, “We all went together and I met some other friends there, as well.”

Like Stone, Kendal Brown, a first-year at KSC, first heard about the concert from friends and the flyers that SAC had posted around campus.

“Aer is from Boston, so they’re popular where I’m from,” the Massachusetts native said, who had attended an Aer concert in the past and was excited to see that they were performing on campus.

As for Hellogoodbye, Brown was familiar with their music as well.

“Their song ‘Here (In Your Arms)’ was one of my favorites when I was younger,” Brown said.

Stone, however, was not as familiar with the bands.

“Hellogoodbye was popular when I was in middle school, so the name sounded familiar,” Stone stated, “But I didn’t know any of their songs.”

The fact that Stone wasn’t as familiar with the bands, however, did not take away from the experience, as she was able to spend time with friends during and after the concert.

After the concert, Brown had the opportunity to meet the band members of Hellogoodbye.

“It was wicked cool. And they were so nice,” Brown said, “After the concert, I was at a house where a local band was performing and Hellogoodbye was in the crowd, cheering them on and jamming out with them.”

Brown continued, “They were super nice. They were taking pictures and talking to everyone. It was great.”

“The bands were so much fun,” Olson stated, “Everyone in attendance seemed to love both of the acts.”

In the future, Olson plans on continuing to work security at the events hosted by SAC, the next one being the spring concert.

“The whole experience was a lot of fun,” Olson summed up.

Stone is enthusiastically looking forward to SAC hosted events coming up on campus in the future.

“The concert was amazing,” Stone added of her experience, “Anyone who didn’t go missed out hugely.”

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