On Tuesday, March 24, the Keene State College Student Assembly approved a budget for the upcoming carnival event, even though the rides have yet to be booked.

The student body president Eric Grady, student body vice president Jackie Efraimson, and two Student Assembly members Marissa DePolo and Amber Perkins reported their update on preparations for the carnival to the entire assembly body.

The budget complied requested a total of $6,766 for an array of costs including a functioning bar, catering, the Chalk Talk event, T-shirts and more, all except for the cost of the rides for the yearly carnival.

Grady stated, “We are no longer using the new company [Fiesta Entertainment] we had contacted for rides. We played hardball with them because they were playing hardball with us.”

Grady stated that the committee has contacted many different ride providers and that, “If none of partners work out with the rides, we will do inflatable’s with Party Vision.” Grady commented that the committee members for the carnival would have a bill ready for next week with the updated costs for the rides added as a separate budget request.

Trustee of the Student Assembly, Allison Bedell brought forth concern for the budget, “It would be unfortunate to spend money on an event that might not happen. I don’t want us to spend students money on things that aren’t worthwhile.”

Student Assembly’s USSBR Sean Ballard also voiced his concern with the budget request, “I’m a little nervous too. A lot of seniors love carnival but if we have inflatable’s people won’t come.”

The chair of the Student Assembly, Tyler King, spoke up saying, “Inflatable’s would be fun but it would be a kiddy version of carnival. We should have a backup plan.”

The Treasurer of Student Assembly, Meghan Healy spoke up about what funds were allocable, saying, “We have $44,000. That money is going to sit there but we planned for this; we cut other people’s budgets in order to prepare for this carnival.”

Efraimson commented on the money being asked for by stating, “If we just sit on this and put it off, it’s not going to be good. We only have a month.” The assembly voted on the budget request with a majority of the body voting to fund the carnival without knowledge of the price for rides.


Eric Jedd can be contacted at ejedd@keene-equinox.com

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