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Students take time to ‘rush’ when it comes to decision making

The signs are scattered across campus as sisters and brothers sport their letters with pride, and curious newcomers take part in recruitment every day.

Rush is upon the Keene State College campus once again and members of Greek Life could not show their excitement more. Rush began Monday, Feb. 3, at 9:30 p.m. in various rooms of the Lloyd P. Young Student Center. The Greek organizations on campus make up a larger population of KSC’s community, and rush week is a chance to showcase their pride for prospective new members.

Rush, which typically happens at the beginning of second semester, is a way of recruiting new brothers and sisters to the sororities and fraternities on campus.

Alyssa Cretella, KSC senior, president of the PanHellenic council on campus and vice president of Delta Phi Epsilon, talked about her experiences when first deciding to rush.

“After I graduated from high school, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to join Greek life,” Cretella said, “During rush week my freshman year, I saw all of the signs and posters across campus. Once I was introduced to all the sisters, I immediately fell in love. DPhiE was the right choice for me and I just knew it. I don’t know what my college experience would be without it.”

Each Greek organization is given a space throughout the student center to welcome interested students for anything from inquiries about the organization or simply getting to know the members.

Cassidy Hunkins / Equinox Staff

Cassidy Hunkins / Equinox Staff

Various students showed up to the first night of rush, curious about what Greek life beholds.

Sophomore Shannon Kane explained her interest in rush week. “You hear bad things, you hear good things, you hear things about the whole rushing process,” Kane said, “I showed up tonight to get more information for myself before deciding if this is a right fit for me.”

Kane continued, “I’m definitely interested in learning more about the whole process of becoming a sister. One of my best friends is in DPhiE and she got me to show up tonight, but I really am interested. We’re a small school, so I know people involved in sororities and fraternities get very close very fast, which I think is great,” Kane added.

Sophomore Megan Naftol agreed.  “I also came tonight because of my friend,” Naftol said, “I just want to check it out and see what rush is all about.”

Some students are not sure if rushing is the right  decision for them. Freshman Amanda Kunkel felt as though she would like more information before making any type of decision.

“I kind of just stumbled upon rush,” Kunkel said, “It’s not something I really thought I’d want to do, but I definitely need to get to know a little more about it.”

While some students toy with the idea of becoming a member of KSC’s Greek community, others have decided that it is thier path.

Freshman Dominic English decided to rush Phi Lambda Chi.

“At first I was worried to go to rush,” English said, “But after talking to the guys I found out that it is all about brotherhood.”

English continued, “To be part of Greek Life to me is to be in a brotherhood with people who are always going to be there for you. It’s not just about hanging out with the guys all the time, either. A lot nice things are done within the fraternity, like giving back to the community with community service hours and other benefit projects.”

Greek Life is a staple on the KSC campus. According to the Greek Life section of KSC’s webpage, the Greek organizations’ largest goals are to promote academic success, service to others, leadership development and fellowship between all members.

“I love my organization so much,” Cretella said, “It does so much for me both academically as well as in the community. We do community service, we get to meet all types of people, there’s a huge social aspect to Greek life which I love.”

Cretella concluded, “I try to tell people to just come to one rush. Just one. Check it all out and you’ll see how great it is.”

Nick Swain, a sophomore and member of TKE, has similar feelings towards his fraternity experience.

“My life has benefited so much since I joined. I can honestly say I feel more responsible,” Swain said, “I’ve been given the opportunity to be secretary this semester and hopefully president one day. It’s funny to think that this all started from showing up to rush.”

Rush is just the beginning for students interested in Greek life, but is a pivotal part of becoming part of the brotherhoods and sisterhoods on the KSC campus.

Kane explained, “I’m a little nervous about the whole process of rushing. But, you know what, if it wasn’t worth it in the end, no one would join. It’s definitely worth it.”

“As corny as it sounds, I really like the idea of people being part of sisterhoods and brotherhoods,” Kane said.


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