Hip-hop artist Mike Stud and house music producer/DJ 3LAU took the stage Sunday, November 24, in the Mabel Brown Room drawing a crowd of anxious Keene State College students looking to let loose and have a good time shortly before the rush of finals week.

Nearly 100 students crowded the dance floor.

The Mabel Brown Room was not at capacity, however the turn-out did seem to be a decent number of KSC students despite the fact that it was held on a school night when many would normally seem to be busy with homework.

Eric Gesualdo / Equinox Staff: Mike Stud performs with 3LAU

Eric Gesualdo / Equinox Staff: Mike Stud performs with 3LAU

The two-hour performance put on by Social Activities Council received mixed reviews from KSC students.

KSC sophomore John Petrillo changed his opinion on the concert as the show proceeded.

“I think people in the beginning were more disappointed and then when it turned to be like the rave scene, then they were happy. It started out slow, there was a lot of standing around,” Petrillo said.

While some students had high expectations for the concert, others who were not  familiar with the artists did not anticipate all that much excitement.

KSC sophomore Bridgette Normandin attended the concert with a group of her friends simply to check it out.

She said it was very similar to other events she has attended.

“I mean it was fun. It wasn’t anything special. It was like any other party, any other concert,” Normandin said.

Normandin said she also noticed that some KSC students appeared to be intoxicated during the show despite the fact that it was held on a Sunday evening and security was present.

“I don’t think people drank as much because it was a Sunday night. People were fairly drunk but not blackout status, people still had control of what they were doing,” Normandin said.

Another KSC student, Brett Lancaster said he attended the concert to enjoy the music as well as hand out free water with his fraternity brothers in TKE (Tau Kappa Epsilon) to help ensure that students remained hydrated at the event.

His outlook on the intoxication of students at the concert was similar to Normandin.

Eric Gesualdo / Equinox Staff: 3LAU in the Mabel Brown Room on Nov. 24.

Eric Gesualdo / Equinox Staff: 3LAU in the Mabel Brown Room on Nov. 24.

His prediction was that even on a Sunday night, there would still be some alcohol involved.

“I feel like there will be some bad eggs, but typically people are just trying to de-stress before Thanksgiving and before school and finals and stuff so even if they do [drink] a little bit, it’s not going to be excessive. I don’t expect anyone to be leaving in the ambulance,” Lancaster said.

Prior to the event, KSC freshman Nathan Pedersen shared why he believed some students may be intoxicated during the show.

“I think students will drink because they’re trying to have a good time, and you have a good time when you’re drunk,” Pedersen said.

Many of the students said they believed the show was mediocre. Students were neither disappointed nor ecstatic about the performance.

“It was alright,” Petrillo said.

Students shared their ideas about what could have been done to make the event more enjoyable for all.

Petrillo said that improving the sound system would have increased the students approval ratings of the concert.

“It would have been better if they had a louder sound system,” Petrillo said.

Another suggestion for improvement from Normandin was having a completely different artist instead.

She didn’t believe many people were familiar with this performer, and having someone more well-known would have increased the attendance rate.

She did, however, believe that the genre of music was a good fit for what the majority of KSC students prefer in music.

“If it was a bigger name person, I think more people would have gone, it just would have been a bigger crowd,” Normandin said.



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