KSC opportunities await those who are willing to grab them

Referred to at times as “Kinda Sorta College,” Keene State College is constantly being evaluated for its ‘party school’ reputation. This reputation interferes with school pride.

School pride is important for every student to share. We may no longer be planning for spirit week, similar to many KSC students’ high school days, but we still collectively make up a college and many still desire that community bond.

This campus is full of history and greatness. We must open our eyes to see that this school is much more than a party school. Outsiders may think that all KSC students do is have a good time without working hard, but past and current achievements prove differently.

Any college campus and community has the ability to become a ‘party-school,’ and all college students have the right to enjoy their youth. We do not believe the positive aspects KSC offers should be over-shadowed by a student’s decisions to go out.

Photo Illustration By: Brian Cantore / Photo Editor

Photo Illustration By: Brian Cantore / Photo Editor

Some students have found a balance of work and play, and others have not. Each student has the choice to do what he or she pleases, whether their priorities be that of drinking or doing well in their classes.

Many people, especially seniors nearing their last semester, would not like to graduate without a sense of school spirit. Seniors have spent years working to earn a degree. To graduate without enthusiasm for KSC would be disappointing. We can not blame the environment for our personal choices. Instead, we can use different outlets on campus and in the community that help us achieve our intended goal while still managing to have fun.

Ultimately, each person has different goals they want to achieve. In order for everyone on campus to succeed fully, we must start believing in the college and representing the college properly. We cannot dismiss the school as being merely a party school with nothing else to offer. Similarly, we cannot dismiss KSC students.

The students, faculty, clubs and organizations and even The Equinox all need encouragement and a sense of pride in order to operate to the fullest extent. An attitude speaks volumes. Just as a negative attitude can influence others to remain negative, a positive attitude can spread excitement which every person should yearn for, no matter their area of study.

Showing strong passion for the work that is getting done on campus is important.

Some KSC organizations wear their pride on their clothing with red and white KSC logos. We have a bookstore filled with KSC attire to support the pride on this campus. We should not only wear our pride on our clothes, but in our hearts and display that attitude in our daily routine.

We must be committed to making this college experience all we can make it, because it will have disappeared before our eyes sooner than we realize. Once we show more respect and enthusiasm for our community, others will no longer question KSC for being simply a ‘party school.’

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