On Tuesday, October 22, the Student Assembly representatives discussed the attendance policy for all their members.

Assembly members are still going over the by-laws and deciding whether to change their attendance policy or not.

The members spoke on the issue and three motions were made. None of them were approved.  Student Body President Eric Grady said he disagreed with the fact that the policy doesn’t allow students to miss meetings when they have events to attend.

Secretary of Assembly, Caitlin Licence, stated, “I don’t think that people should get free passes for not missing the meeting.”

Student Body Trustee Allie Bedell said it is crucial for Student Government to have students attend meetings regularly. “We need everyone to come to the meetings to hear their opinions,” Bedell stated. She continued, “The policy protects us from students that are just blowing off ‘gov’.”

The members have yet to reach an agreement regarding their attendance policy and numbers of absences that will be accepted.

In other business:

-The assembly approved a budget request of $3,500 for Sigma Pi. The members of the organization indicated the money will be directed to bring a speaker to campus.

-Student Assembly welcomed four new members.

The assembly elected the new representatives during their elections last week.

-Freshmen Danielle Cobleigh and Olivia Conceicao are two new first year representative, junior Sarah Landers is her class representative and Cassandra Stepanek is assembly’s non-traditonal student representative.

-The Assembly unanimously approved a new constitution for KSC Republicans. Club members indicated that currently they have around eight students in the organization, but that their email list goes up to 70 students. About the constitution, secretary of assembly Caitlin Licence stated, “We just went through and changed a few things, changed titles, added some things.”

-Assembly members indicated the technology committee is still looking to create a mobile application for the group. Also, assembly and the Computer Science Club might partner to work on different projects in the future.

Grady said Pumpkin Lobotomy was a very successful event. Grady said a great number of students attended and enjoyed Lobotomy. Student Government donated around 1,800 carved pumpkins to this year’s Pumpkin Festival.

Bedell referred to the incidents during Pumpkin Fest and stated there were, “Crazy parties and things going on.” Bedell encouraged assembly members to think of ways to have students, “Make better choices in the future.”


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