Karina Barriga Albring

News editor


Just as laptops and highlighters are necessary for a semester at school, snow boots and wool hats are a must for KSC students. Together with their best wishes for the spring, the community unpacked its winter gear and greeted the first snow fall of the semester. The bright autumn days in the college are long time gone.  After a snow-free week, fluffy four inches of snow covered the campus on Monday. Students had diverse feelings towards that snow. Like the vast majority of  students, freshman Matthew Currie was born in the heart of New England. From Manchester, N.H., Currie said as he child he enjoyed snow, but not any more. “Snow makes it very inconvenient to go around.” Senior Bonnie Chalmers lives off campus. “I hate it! I drive at like 15 mph. I don’t have snow tires”, Chalmers said.

Some other students find snow beautiful. Sophomore Ashley Perrault said, “It is very nice. The only thing I do is leave a bit earlier to class because it is harder go around campus.”

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