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From crude humor, to suspense and even drama, this year’s selection of television shows has something to offer every viewer.

But with countless varieties of television shows that air each day, only a common handful of shows were chosen as top favorite when a few students of Keene State College were informally surveyed on which television shows were their favorites.

Emma Contic / Graphics Editor

Emma Contic / Graphics Editor

The six most preferred television shows watched were: “Family Guy”, “Modern Family”, “Workaholics”, “How “I Met Your Mother”, “Pretty Little Liars” and “Breaking Bad.”

These sitcoms mainly fall under two categories: comedy and suspense.  But, why are people drawn to these specific genres? Freshman Amanda Pires said she enjoys the show “Pretty Little Liars” because of its ability to keep her attention and all of the twists that are present in the show.

The plot of “Pretty Little Liars” tackles impractical circumstances when four teenage girls link together to find out the mysterious person who threatens to leak out their darkest secrets while also trying to solve the murder of one of their best friends.

Meanwhile, junior Kelly Bishop said she favors the show “Family Guy” because, “I enjoy watching funny shows like ‘Family Guy’ as it can be seen as funny with a clever and intelligent sense of humor at the same time.”

The hit show “Family Guy” is about a dysfunctional middle class family located in Quahog, R.I., who live an everyday life but are thrown into unrealistic situations.

According to, 1.2 million people tune in on Sunday nights to watch “Family Guy”, and Bishop is just one of those one million people.

Due to the fact that these crazy scenarios will most likely never occur in real life, it makes one wonder if this plays a part into why it attracts such a large audience.

One blogger from personally believes “Family Guy” is hysterical because, “‘Family Guy’ is one of the most significant shows on television as it constantly makes fun of current events.

Even should you not watch the news or entertainment programs, you will be familiar with a lot about what is going on in the world, just by watching ‘Family Guy’ on Digital Cable TV.”

Even though both “Pretty Little Liars” and “Family Guy” are on opposite sides of the spectrum, one exhibited witty humor and the other bone-chilling revelations, but they both deal with unlikely conditions.

Junior Alexa Paola, indulges in both of these guilty pleasures when she states, “I love both ‘Family Guy’ and ‘Pretty Little Liars’ because although I will never experience what the characters on the show do, I like to watch unlikely things occur because it excites me.”

With the amount of school work and job hours that college students must face every day, some students need a good laugh of a 30-minute sitcom in order to unwind.

According to, “Recent researches suggest that laughter influences more than our mental framework, it actually has a positive effect on the physical aspect as well. It has been widely accepted, for some time, that laughter increases the pain resistance level, but the theory is still not proven.”

Sophomore Brent Lyskawa said he can relate to this because he watches humor television to help him relax. Lyskawa said.

Junior Natasha Kodiak, stated that humorous shows are considered “Mindless TV, because you don’t have to fully pay attention to understand what is going on and you can still get the enjoyment of entertainment.”

While some may enjoy a comedic standpoint on television shows, others relish the nail biting, goose-bump thrillers that keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Peter G. Stromberg of Psychology Today illuminates the reason as to why we humans like suspense. Stromberg states that, “We aren’t sure how the story or the game will turn out, and we become very interested in finding out.”

Suspenseful shows such as “Pretty Little Liars” and “Breaking Bad” attract viewers because they are filled with confusion and excitement that fuel their interest into the next episode.

The main reason why junior Kevin Watson, takes pleasure in watching “Breaking Bad” is because it keeps him interested and entertained, he said.

However, it is not only the act of suspense that keeps viewers’ interests, a well-written plot and interesting characters and situations also attract viewers.

Barbara Keenlyside of CNN said that, “Culture watchers say a constellation of factors make a TV program last: great writers, producers and actors; a good concept; room to grow with a strong ensemble cast offering multiple story lines; a desirable time slot; audience comfort; loyal network support; and the public’s fickle taste.”

But whether you like suspense, comedy, or drama, television has now been designed to appeal to anyone’s needs. It’s a matter of tuning in and seeing what suits your tastes best.


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