S.A.C. selects artist by the popular student vote

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This year, gone are the familiar sounds of hip-hop beats and rhymes, as well as pop melodies. Rather this year’s Spring Weekend Concert will welcome a different type of genre of music to the Keene State College campus.

Over the past three years, the KSC campus has seen it all when it comes to Spring Weekend concerts—from Dashboard Confessional, to Lupe Fiasco, and even last year’s Girl Talk. This year the student body will be able to attend a concert that features a genre of music that current students have yet to see on campus: country music.

On January 24, the Social Activities Council (S.A.C.) announced that this year’s Spring Weekend Concert will feature country artist, Chris Young.

According to Young’s personal website, he has just released his third studio album titled, “NEON.”

His last four singles have earned him the number one spot on all the chart, which include the hit songs “Tomorrow” and “Gettin’ You Home.” “Gettin’ You Home” earned Young his first Grammy nomination.

According to tasteofcountry.com, 2013 will be a big year for the country artist. On Jan. 29, the Country Music Association honored Young with the Triple Play Award. The website reports that this is a coveted honor reserved for songwriters who have written three No. 1 songs over a period of 12 months.

This award will recognize Young’s hit songs ‘Voices,’ ‘Tomorrow’ and ‘You.’ The website reports that these songs were released during a one-year span–from 2010 to 2011. And since the songs ‘Voices’ and ‘You’ appeared on the radio, they have achieved certified gold status, atasteofcountry.com reports.

But despite Young’s rising popularity, S.A.C. member, Brandon Carta, said it was the student vote that allowed the student organization to bring the country artist to Keene State College.

According to Carta, a survey was distributed across the MyKSC website for a total of eight days, and asked students to choose which genre of music they would prefer for their Spring Weekend Concert.

Once the students selected their preferred genre, they were then given a list of artists to choose from, Carta said. Out of the total student body population of 4,987, a total of 1,800 students completed the survey and chose country as the most popular genre.

In addition to selecting your preferred artist and genre, the survey also asked students to state how much money they would be willing to spend on a ticket. Tickets go on sale starting April 1 and will be $20.00 a ticket for students, according to Carta.

Carta stated that Young was the top student pick for a country artist. “It wasn’t S.A.C.’s decision, it was the campus’ decision,” he said.

Carta said that while the main performer has been decided, Young’s opening artist has not been revealed and is still in the midst of contracts.

Senior Bonnie Chalmers, who is also a member of S.A.C., said that “Every student was offered a chance to take the survey and it was a good way to gage it.”

And while Chalmers and many other members of the student body may be fans of country music, some students said they would have preferred to see a different artist.

Senior Mia McGorry said that she would like to see an Indie Rock band perform during the Spring Weekend Concert.

However, many students are pleased with the choice. Junior Mike Allen said, “He [Young] is different than what we have had before.”

Senior Katie Marsh said that “the input of students was a good idea.”

Marsh stated, “I’m a huge country fan and we have never had a country singer before [for the Spring Weekend Concert] so it will be a good change.”

Carta agreed with Marsh and said that the atmosphere of this concert will be different than those of previous Spring Weekend Concerts.

He said the students who will attend the concert will be there for the music and will be there to enjoy it.

Marsh said that she is most excited to her Young’s Grammy nominated song, “Gettin’ You Home.”

But while this year’s Spring Weekend Concert, which will take place on April 19 in the Spaudling Gymnasium, will not feature the hip-hop lyrics we have grown accustomed to, or the pop melodies that play in our minds on repeat, it will feature a genre of music that possesses a more laid back feel.

Whether you are a fan of country music or not, country is a genre that has not been featured on this campus recently. This year’s Chris Young will not only attract a new audience demographic, but he will bring with him a different type of atmosphere: one where you sit back and enjoy the music.

Just like Young sings, KSC country fans will be plannin’ for this night and will be lookin’ forward to it for sometime.


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