Amanda Mills, a senior, said a shirtless man pulled a gun on her while she was walking on Winchester St. near her home. “We were walking home and kids were screaming and I turned around, and there was a kid with a pistol in my face,” she said. She said he was screaming at her, but then took off running across the parking lot next to the math center and between the dining commons and the student center. 

“And that’s the last I saw of him,” Mills said. She said she had been waiting outside of her house for nearly an hour, hoping the Keene Police Department would catch him. She said it all occurred within fifteen seconds. After it happened, Mills said, “we all ran inside, we grabbed everyone, but there was a cop driving by literally 20 seconds after it happened and one of my roommates flagged him down.”
Ethan Kipnes, the associate director of Campus Safety, said he believes the suspect had been seen “within a few minutes” at approximately 2:45 a.m. Mills reported her incident happening at approximately 1:30 a.m. He advised students to stay inside and stay safe because the Keene Police Department is still investigating the incident. 
Campus Safety issued a phone call to students at 2:35 a.m. saying, “KPD is still searching for a possible armed subject on or near campus. Please stay indoors and report any suspicious individuals to the Keene Police Department or Campus Safety immediately.” Campus Safety said they will issue another follow up message when the situation has been cleared. 

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