The class of 2012 graduates in two days.

We wanted to use this last column as a sort of reflection piece for these graduating seniors heading off into the real world.

We talked to students ready to graduate and listened to them reflect on their experiences at Keene State College – the classes,  the programs, the parties, the good and the bad.

Our usual format involves choosing a subject, providing research, and interviewing an on-campus expert.

This time, however, we decided to let the seniors who have been there and done that to give it to you straight.

Brianna Fedolfi is graduating on Saturday and will continue her education at Endicott College.

As she reflected on her years at KSC, Fedolfi said her three years participating in Relay for Life remains the one thing that sticks out in her mind.

“It was so great to see a group of college kids raise over $30,000.” Fedolfi continued, “Being a part of that and seeing the work and outcome was a really cool experience.”

On-campus activities provided another student with happy memories.

Aleah Hart said her and her roommates made it a priority every year to attend the dining commons’ family dinner on Appian Way.

She said they always had a good time people watching and laughing with friends.

Hart explained she also loved the Carnival each spring.

“I’d always go with my friends and it was always a good time,” she stated.

Hart closed with some thoughts she is leaving KSC with and said, “Don’t take it for granted; it goes by so fast.  Enjoy the time while it lasts.”

Graduating senior Dan Gannon leaves the college with sweet memories of his times with the KSC improv troupe “3-Ways ‘Til Sunday.”

He said of the improv team, “They are an amazing group of people who understand there is a silver-lining to things.”

Gannon continued and praised the college as one that welcomes all types of students, “Keene is a fantastic community.  No matter where you come from or where you go, Keene is the place that fosters development as a whole.”

Jared Peters, another graduating senior, also commented on the KSC environment.

“The people I’ve met and the things I’ve been able to do have been amazing.  I wouldn’t have had these great experiences if I had gone to another school.”

Peters continued, “There are so many opportunities here.”

With a collection of memories comes a series of regrets and lessons learned.

Britney Taylor said she wished she had stepped out of her comfort zone earlier in her time at KSC.

“If students are unsure about their major, I suggest they take a bunch of different classes that have nothing to do with each other.”

She continued, “That’s what I wish I had done.”

Now, let’s be honest. Some of our greatest memories come from our extra-curricular activities away from the classroom.

Tyler Connolly said he will remember KSC for the always eventful off-campus parties.

Connolly said he looks back at his years at KSC with no regrets.

“You can always retake a class, but you can’t retake a party.  If you have the opportunity to go out and do something awesome, do it,” he stated. Connolly described several fraternity parties he attended in his four years at KSC and said those parties remain to this day some of his greatest memories from KSC.

Finally, we spoke with graduating senior Jill Strang.

She explained, as an English major, she was assigned to write a play her junior year.

The play, “Memories are What?,” was produced at KSC and remains Strang’s greatest accomplishment.

While Strang commented on several triumphs and good memories, she transitioned and openly shared an experience that taught her a lesson she said she will never forget.

Strang shared her “worst memory” as she spoke of the death of KSC student Jacob Messersmith.

“My worst memory was losing Jake.  That was a wake-up call for me,” she explained.

Strang elaborated on that wake-up call and explained what she learned from Messersmith’s death.

Strang told students to live without fear and to make the most out of life by learning to advocate for themselves.

She said, “Life is short, make sure you take advantage of it.  If there’s something right in front of you that you’re scared of, do it.”

On that note, we say make the best of your time left at KSC, and good luck class of 2012.

Keep calm and carry on, Keene State.


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