Graduating chemist shares research at conference in Germany


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Andrew Abeleira is a Keene State College student set to graduate in May. Abeleira leaves KSC having represented  the college both nationally and internationally. Abeleira has done this  with his undergraduate research in the field of chemistry.

Abeleira will graduate in May, 2012, with a bachelors degree in science with a focus in the field of chemistry. At KSC, Abeleira is a member of multiple organizations. These organizations include the Chemistry Lyceum club, The Academic Excellence Conference Committee, and the Outing club.

Abeleira has presented in multiple conferences nationally and internationally from the research he has compiled.

One such conference he attended was Pittcon in Atlanta, Georgia in 2011. Pittcon is the world’s largest annual conference and exposition for laboratory science.

The international conference Abeleira has been apart of is the ISPAC 23, (International Society for Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds) hosted in Münster, Germany.

Abeleira could attend an international conference like this on his own. He advocated for himself and managed to make these events and conferences with funding through KSC grants.

Through the chemistry department, Abeleira has been actively helping undergraduate research for three years. Some of the research he has worked on includes working on environmental pollutants for the Keene, N.H., area.

He has also been a paid undergraduate research assistant for five semesters. Abeleira said once he graduates he will attend a graduate program for chemistry at Colorado University.

In the graduate program he is working in a group trying to produce bio-plastic from non-food stock biomass. In non-technical terms, this means the group will attempt to create plastic from plants that are not used as food.

Abeleira explained this is a benefit because the current production of plastic requires petrol fuel.

In addition to his interest in chemistry, Abeleira finds enjoyment in Brazilian jiu jitsu and rock climbing. Abeleira explained rock climbing as a newfound hobby.

He said rock climbing was introduced to him by a friend, Steve. Abeleira said he plans to continue in Colorado. Abeleira explained how when he looked for graduate schools, he was very concerned on how the climbing “scene” would be. Abeleira explained that one of the reasons he chose Colorado University was for its prime climbing scene.

Abeleira said, “I’ve always really enjoyed climbing but until Steve at the gym actually brought me out I had no idea.”


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