As the countdown to graduation begins, seniors feel the pressure to find jobs

Victoria Ronan

Equinox Staff


Many Keene State College students are already preparing for life after graduation.

Four years at KSC will be coming to an end this May for many seniors.  Some are starting to wonder, what happens after I graduate? Many seniors said they began searching for jobs and internships even before graduation day to prepare for their future.
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According to the spring 2011 survey published by the Alumni Center, 28% of the employed KSC graduates who responded to the survey said they found a job before they graduated and 57% found one within six months after graduating. Nicole Mihalko, a senior at KSC and an employee at the IT help desk on campus, said she already has a plan for after graduation.

She said she has worked at the same internship during the fall semester the past two years and plans on going back this summer. She believes her strong resume helped her get the internship and encourages everyone to have a resume prepared. Mihalko also said her internship is in Washington D.C., and she is hoping her internship will end up turning into a full-time job once it ends.

Deirdre Lewis, a senior and a dance major at KSC, said she plans to attend the American Dance Festival in North Carolina for six weeks after graduation.

“It’s good for my resume and it helps me meet people in the business,” she said. Lewis said after the festival she plans on moving back home until she can find a job. Lewis also said the faculty from the dance department has helped her out a lot.

However, it is still early in the semester, so if you haven’t started looking for a job, you aren’t alone. Not all students know exactly what they will be doing after graduation.

Jon Trachim, a senior at KSC and an employee at the IT Help Desk, said he plans on moving back home for a few months after graduation. “I’ve lived in Manchester my whole life and will probably get a job there.” He said he has not started seriously looking for a job yet, but has been looking at his options.

Trachim is also considering going to graduate school in the future and said he will consider that when looking for a job or an internship. When he does start seriously applying for jobs he said he will look online and talk to people he knows in Manchester. Kristen Johnson, a senior at KSC, said she has not yet started looking for a job yet, but plans to long before graduation day.

“Over spring break in March I intend on filling out a lot of job applications.” Even though she has not begun to consider any jobs she did say she looked at just to get a feel for what is available. Johnson said she just finished the final draft of her general resume, which she will use to apply for jobs.

“I attended a resume workshop presented by the career center, which I found to be very helpful.” Having a resume prepared is essential to getting a job after graduation.

KSC students have many resources available to them. They can get help through online sources, the faculty within their major, and from the Academic and Career Advising Center.

KSC’s Academic and Career Advising Center offers help to all students with their job search throughout the entire year.

Mary Pleasanton, coordinator of employer relations and a career advisor at the Academic and Career Advising Center, said they offer seniors a lot of opportunities. “We know what employers are looking for and we try and teach you how to market yourself.”

She also said the earlier seniors start looking for jobs, the better off they will be. Pleasanton said the best thing for seniors to do right now is to research and take advantage of what the Academic and Career Advising Center offers.

Students can make personal appointments and attend any event sponsored by the Academic and Career Advising Center.

KSC has many upcoming events to help the seniors prepare for life after graduation. On Tuesday, Feb. 7 at 4 p.m. in the Mountain View Room in the L.P. Young Student Center, the Academic and Career Advising Center is sponsoring an event called “Working for America: Trends in Federal Hiring.”

The Executive Director of the Greater Boston Federal Executive Board will be here to help educate students on federal jobs.  The Academic and Career Advising Center is also making a presentation to help students prepare for a job fair on Wednesday, Mar. 2 in the Mountain View Room at 4 p.m.

The Academic and Career Advising Center’s website lists all of the upcoming events this semester. These events are available to all KSC students.


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