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Senior Sarah Wompler doesn’t have time in the day to prepare food for the next day. Between commuting and homework, most of her free time is consumed. This leads her to the convenience of the dining commons where she eats the majority of her meals. The DC has a number of stations to offer. Some of these options include a salad bar, vegan station, sandwich station, and a grill section.

“It is hard to make a balanced meal, so it’s easy to come to the dining commons,” Wompler said.

She points out some of the benefits of eating in the DC, claiming there is no time to cook. While eating her meals, she has the opportunity to enjoy time to herself. “I like eating in the DC,” Wompler said.

“I can read a book, and check my email.” Typically, a school day full of classes and homework is strenuous. Having limited breaks and social time leaves little time to sit down for a meal.

When students are hungry and don’t have time to go back to their dorms or apartments, there are options throughout the campus that give students the chance to eat something. The meals that are offered to them may be a balanced one or a quick fix that will keep them energized throughout the day.

After a day of classes and work, students enjoy being able to kick back for a little while and take advantage of the free time. Throughout campus, there are a variety of options to choose from when students crave food: the Zorn Dining Commons, Hoot n’ Scoot, Bean and Bagel, Sizzlers, and Lloyd’s Marketplace.

Hoot n’ Scoot offers students a place to get a meal on the go, while the marketplace provides different cuisines, which are set up ranging from pizza to sandwiches. The marketplace is open to students throughout the day, starting from breakfast selections to a late night snack menu. Sizzlers are served to students from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on weekdays in the Night Owl Café.

Sizzlers are made to order. They consist of pita bread, a choice of meat, veggies, and offer a number of sauces from which to choose. But what do students prefer to eat, and why do they prefer some places opposed to others? Junior Ryan Fay said that the DC is convenient to go to as it is right on campus and near classes and dorms.“It is easily accessible,” Fay said.

Sophomore Victoria Patt adds that it gives her time to meet up with peers. “It is a good gathering place,” Patt said. Patt mentioned that she enjoys when the DC does themed dinners each semester, bringing in a chef from a different part of the world. She also likes the annual Italian dinner along Appian Way during the start of each fall semester.

Other students find it convenient to pick up something from Hoot n’ Scoot as they may not find time to sit.

Senior Lindsay Dutton goes to Hoot n’ Scoot multiple times throughout the week, before heading over to work. Besides taking an entrée, a snack, side, and drink are offered as well.

“There are a good number of options to choose from,” Dutton said. Lloyd’s Marketplace, which is located in the student center, is available to students daily.

If they find they ran out of meals for the week, or want to pick up something quick, Lloyd’s Marketplace is a good alternative. They are able to order what they want from the list of options located in front of the grill. If they are not in the mood for something grilled or fried, the sandwich, pizza, and soup stations are open as well. Drinks and prepared sandwiches are also offered on the side in the refrigerated section.“I like the late night options and the food selection in general there,” Dutton said.

Senior Lauren Wallace adds, “It is easy to find something healthy like a sandwich or salad.”

The Bean and Bagel, which is located outside of Lloyd’s, is the place to go when someone is in need of coffee, a bagel, or a snack. But if students are not in the mood for going to the DC, and they don’t feel like spending FLEX, Sizzlers are another option. “They are a good alternative to the DC,” senior Lauren Wallace said.

No matter what students prefer, there is a wide selection from which to choose. Whether they find themselves in the DC, eating a sizzler, or buying something from the marketplace, students will always have their options open to them. It is just a matter of what they may be in the mood for that particular day.


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