Sometimes we have a tendency to see the glass as half-empty. We can be negative and complain about the smallest issues.
The other day I was putting away my dirty dishes in the Zorn Dining Commons and stopped in front of the napkin-covered comment board to read what some of my fellow students were writing about. I was taken aback by how rude and offensive some of the statements were.
I don’t think people realize how much the employees do to make the facilities run as smoothly as they do. We go into the D.C., swipe a card, scan our hand, and have the ability to eat anything our heart desires. There are tons of options and we can virtually grub on as much as we want. Have you ever stopped for a minute and tried to fathom what makes all that possible?
I can’t even wrap my mind around the endless amount of hours spent on preparing the food, cooking it, serving it, and cleaning it up. Even when the actual establishment isn’t open, people are busy getting ready for the next day. The staff members are constantly on their toes so students can enjoy delicious meals.
Now, I understand that we need to notify the management if food is undercooked or suggest ideas for future meals, but to criticize and insult the flavor of food seems incredibly wrong.
People tend to forget that they are cooking for thousands of students on a daily basis. From the moment it opens till the time it closes there is no break. I think we all need to stop and take the time to thank every single one of those staff members.
The D.C. does nothing but try to satisfy our wants and needs. It is very considerate; it provides for the vegan folks or those who need a gluten-free diet.
It even goes above and beyond during special holidays when they offer yummy treats or supply gingerbread men, allowing students to decorate them, not to mention all the other great events they host like Local Day or themed dinners. This year they even extended their hours so more students would get a chance to eat after class. Why do they do all this? Because they genuinely care.
So maybe next time, before you write an insulting remark about the cuisine and post it for everyone to see, you’ll stop and think about how much effort went into getting that meal onto your plate.
Please, let’s start to see the glass half-full and appreciate all the behind-the-scenes labor. Let’s thank the employees for coming in day after day and trying to serve to the best of their abilities because, without them, our dining experience would be entirely different.

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