In all six New England states, Continuing Education has changed its objectives from advocating for adult education to being devotees to lifelong learning. 

Everything from skill workshops to non-credit courses are offered every year said Robert Baker, director of continuing education at Keene State College.

Baker said KSC has not always held the services of Continuing Education, but has provided the public with this luxury for over 30 years. The department’s purpose shifted as the program evolved from all the way back in the mid-70s, added Baker.

Although it may seem modern to most, Baker said Continuing Education dates all the way back to the Vietnam War. He added the G.I. Bills were also in place at the time for further adult education assistance. “The G.I. Bills gave those who went overseas a chance for adult education when they returned,” Baker said.

Baker added the department originally started as a form of adult education and transformed into serving lifelong-learning.

As spring semester comes to a close, summer opportunities start to circulate in the brain, Heather Jasmin, educational program coordinator for Continuing Education had said.

Kyle Bailey / Photo Editor: Continuing Education devotes to advocating for lifelong learning in the New England Area.

Kyle Bailey / Photo Editor:
Continuing Education devotes to advocating for lifelong learning in the New England Area.

Jasmin added summer courses are their biggest promotions, with everyone from ages five to ninety-five able to participate in the programs, with 35 different disciplines to choose from.

“We are the portions of the college that devotes itself to the community and to lifelong learning. We bring in community members from ages five to about ninety-five,” Jasmin said.

Baker added during the summer there are around 230 courses offered for teacher education, with many different courses for healthy and safety as well.

“Teacher education courses are around a couple hundred. For safety and health, the number of courses offered is around four to five hundred,” Baker said.

Weekend courses featuring Microsoft Office, Microsoft Access and even woodturning are offered at Keene State College, according to Jasmin.

Jasmin said non-credit courses are also available for the retired community and other students who may be interested. Jasmin continued to say the department’s biggest division is credit and non-credit and are always looking for more student involvement.

With most juniors and seniors aware of what continuing education offers, Leslie Meola, program manager for Continuing Education, said underclassman understanding their services is the main goal.

Meola said they advertise to underclassman most because they can get ahead the moment they hit the KSC campus.

“We do a table about five times starting in December to get out into the community and we also are part of the admitted students day,” Meola said.

Meola said there are only a few weeks left before students are unable to enroll because most courses begin on May 19. Meola said low enrollment in these courses can lead to cancellation but students would still be able to make the classes an independent study.

Meola and Jasmin stated Continuing Education does not stop at KSC, offering its services to all six states in the region. Baker added that the Manchester location is the hub of all services, such as, N.H. Safety Center, OSHA Education Center and Driver Education Cert. Meola said the Manchester office deals with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and non-credit course.

Jasmin said the Manchester site similarly trains individuals to be driver’s education teachers as well, which is sent through KSC because of it is worth credit.

“We are the only one in the state that prepares people to become driver’s education teachers,” Jasmin said. Jasmin added they have done well enough as a department that they are still the only organization serving the New England region. In addition, Jasmin stated the department’s doors are always open for students to come ask questions and apply for courses.


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