Students celebrate Sox win with destruction

When the Boston Red Sox won the World Series Championships in 2004, 2007 and last week, riots occurred on and off the Keene State College campus following each win. The poor sportsmanship displayed last week is not unfamiliar to KSC. We wonder why this behavior continues.

The Equinox reported a female student was injured by a rock thrown at her head. In another incident, a student’s car was flipped by rioters where a student then smashed the windshield. The Keene Police Department used pepper spray amidst the crowds. This behavior has created a poor public image for the college and many students remain embarrassed. We believe that the injuries and damage that came about after the win tarnished proper celebratory conduct and our core values.

We once again reiterate that the majority of students understand how to respect one another, but disrespect was shown when students vandalized fellow classmates’ property. Last week, there were moments of violence and disruption during Pumpkin Fest, taking away the true meaning of the event. We feel this was again the case as students “celebrated” the World Series win.

Even though Plymouth State University and the University of New Hampshire experienced similar issues with students rioting after the baseball game, our focus remains on the Keene State image.

The Equinox recognizes that the activity of a few students can misrepresent the student population. We think we need to redeem our reputation.

President Anne Huot said in an email addressing students, “We are a part of a close-knit community here in Keene, and as such, you have a responsibility to participate in this community in a peaceful, positive way. There is no place here for people who injure others or destroy property.”

Again, The Equinox concurs. It is one thing to express excitement for a New England team, but it is another when students are being disruptive for no reason. We should use our excitement and put our energy into something positive. KSC is better than this. Students know better than to do this.

The Equinox does credit those who organized the free ice-cream event for attempting to allow students to celebrate responsibly outside the L.P. Young Student Center. Despite these efforts, KPD officers reported that over 1,000 students gathered on the lawn where they proceeded to vandalize property. Students took advantage of a controlled space offered to them by throwing ice-cream into the air and flipping tables.

New Hampshire state troopers, KPD officers and Campus Safety officers were all present and attempted to keep behavior under control. The chorus lyrics in the popular song (commonly affiliated with the Red Sox) Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond echo, “Good times never seemed so good.”

However, times were not good once the celebration turned into destruction. We should move on from these actions and show our support of safer celebrations for the next World Series, thus showing stronger sportsmanship at KSC.

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