What happened to you, Keene State College? I worked a 14-hour shift while beer bottles were being smashed off my classmates faces on Winchester Court. Over 3,000 people went to this party on Pumpkin Fest and set a name for our campus that will never shy away. To say the least, we looked like fools.

At least 30 people were dancing on the roof and looking down on a sea of drunken college students singing ‘Sweet Caroline’. It was all fun and games until the sing-along hit a new verse and beers started flying through the air.

You would expect college students to savor their alcohol, instead of smashing their bottles onto each other.

At least drink it before you break it on the back of your friend’s head.  I can’t say I have ever seen a naked man “get low” in front of what seemed like the entire student body.

When I was finally able to return home after working all day, a beer bottle was thrown at my car. I felt like I had entered another universe as the car traveled five miles per hour just feet away from my house. We used the horn to herd the drunk kids off the road because they stood there like zombies aimlessly standing in the center of Adams Street.    Rumors started spreading like wild fire as Instagram and Twitter blew up with details.

The majority of hash tags brought you to a girl with staples in her head instead of the new world-record pumpkin display.

When I heard that there were nine snipers protecting Main Street my jaw dropped, and when a rumor surfaced that girl had died at a party sponsored by Campus Teez, my heart sank.

Thankfully that was just a rumor, but it is appalling to think I actually thought it was true. If having staples put in your head sounds like the ideal fall festival, then Keene is the place to be.

I am the last person to admit that a party has gotten out of control, but this Pumpkin Fest set a new standard for a college animal house. The Keene Police Department even surpassed the number of alcohol-related arrests then in years past. It was absolute madness and I am ashamed to say it happened at my school.


Rebecca Browning can be contacted at  rebecca.browning@ksc.keene.edu

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