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The annual Keene State College Spring Weekend is generally considered the major weekend of the spring semester. This leads to comparisons to its counterpart, the major weekend of the fall semester, Pumpkin Festival weekend, but that may be all the two actually have in common.

Associate Director of Campus Safety Ethan Kipnes said the nature of the two weekends is quite different. “Spring weekend sees much less damage than Pumpkin Fest. For that [Pumpkin Fest] weekend there are many more guests, and it’s just a different atmosphere,” Kipnes said.

Emily Fedorko / Photo Editor Monadnock Hall is a residence hall on the Keene State College campus that primarily houses the freshmen class.


Kipnes has been at KSC for two years now and said the acts that came to campus were possibly one of the main causes for a more relaxed campus than even past Spring Weekends.

“I think this one [Spring Weekend] saw a few ––less incidents than the others,” Kipnes said. He mentioned the fact that the big concert this year was a country artist as opposed to the usual hip-hop or rock acts.

He also noted that this was the first year KSC had a comedy act since he has been here. “But again that’s a sit-down show and doesn’t produce the same atmosphere as other acts,” Kipnes explained.

Where Pumpkin Festival has generally turned into a weekend-long party, Spring Weekend sees fewer outside guests and at least on campus there are several scheduled events for students to attend. In addition, these events are carefully organized and monitored by Campus Safety to maintain a level of control during these large student gatherings.

Kipnes said that aside from the performers that come to campus, it’s not so different from an ordinary weekend at KSC.

He said that there might be a few more incidents that arise from having such large events, but other than that they deal with the same level of disturbances any weekend on campus can produce.

Associate Director of Residential Life and Housing Jim Carley said that he will not have a compiled list of the total damages from Spring Weekend until the end of the month. However, he said that there were no extensive damages to his knowledge that would require immediate attention.


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