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Remember the connection you felt to Ross and Rachel’s relationship? As much as you wanted it to work out, you just knew it couldn’t. What about Joey’s struggling acting career?

Even though you knew he wasn’t the best actor, his air-headed sense of humor and Italian-stallion good looks overruled his fall-out after they killed off Dr. Drake Ramoray on “Days of our Lives.” And who could forget Phoebe’s “Smelly Cat” video?

As much as you didn’t want it to be, you know that song was stuck in your head for days. Then, there’s Chandler and Monica. Chandler’s manhood is constantly questioned … but that’s okay, because they’re still in love.

Monica—well, she’s Monica—and her labeled coffee mugs and quirky ways probably still linger in the old apartment today. Doesn’t that make you question where are they now? Did Joey’s acting career go any further?

Did Rachel and Ross actually work out after they confessed their love to each other (again) in the last episode? What about Monica and Chandler’s twins?!

And Phoebe … is she still stuck driving a taxicab as a part-time masseuse? There are far too many questions that remain unanswered.

And what a better way to answer these questions other than a good, old-fashioned reunion show. Yeah, I said it, a reunion!

TBS still airs regular reruns and so does the ever-popular “Nick at Night.” Clearly, the show is still a big hit. MTV continuously airs “Jersey Shore” and “Teen Mom” reunions every other night, so why not do a follow-up reunion episode that people actually care about?

People still watch “Friends” to this day and regardless if you have seen every episode, it somehow never gets boring…ever. To put it simply, why is “Friends” worthy of a gathering after a long nine years?

“Because it was one of the best shows ever,” Dean Gail Zimmerman’s Administrative Assistant, Debra Barrett, said.“It was a timeless, remarkable show with a remarkable cast that meshed so well that made you want to watch it,” Barrett said.

“It made you want to believe, it made you forget anything else for that half hour. It made you ready to watch the next show.” Exactly. It made you ready to watch the next show.

The only problem is there is no next show anymore. Our minds can’t help but wonder if everything worked out.

Throughout their trials and tribulations of new jobs, relationships and even patching up their own friendships—like when Rachel felt the need to tell Joey that her boss wanted to buy her baby, just so they could have something to talk about since things got awkward after their attempted hook up—it only makes sense to let us know that even though the group has moved out of the apartment, are they still friends?

The Manhattan-based show made its audience enjoy the beauty of life’s imperfections, mostly because they were so funny, but that was the magnificence of the show. When Rachel accidentally kissed her boss and then accused him of sexual harassment.

Or when Joey did that stupid play where he fell in love with his co-star, she left him to pursue her acting career, and he was stuck on stage boarding a spaceship.

What about when Ross hid in Mona’s apartment to get back his salmon, not pink, but salmon shirt, only to find her bring another man home?

But then again, we can’t forget about Chandler being the oldest intern (in his thirties) and when Monica finally got head chef but all of her employees hated her. Such perfect imperfection.

Even (the Internet Movie Database) lists “Friends” as the fifteenth best show of all time. Of all time, people.

Not of its time period, but of all time. This is major, especially considering the show began nearly 20 years ago and ended just short of 10 years ago. I was only two years old in 1994 when the first episode was broadcast on NBC, and it is beyond safe to say that this show is and will forever be my favorite show to ever exist, and you bet your bottom dollar my children will be watching it too! I’m not the only one that thinks this, either.

“The show has such a variety of characters and they all have different personalities,” Keene State College Student Matt Swigon said. Courtney Carloni seemed to agree.  “You can connect so easily with the group of people,” she said.  So after feeling such a bond to Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Ross, Joey and Phoebe, how could you not have ants in your pants in anticipation about where they are today?

“It would be funny to see them now because it’s such an old show, plus everyone loves throwbacks,” Swigon said. We all know how rare it is to find that one show that you can watch over, and over, and over again… and then one more time.

Yeah, shows like “Breaking Bad” and “Dexter” are awesome, but they are also action packed and full of mystery to keep you on the edge of your seat.  “Friends” didn’t and never will need all of that built up suspense to be the best show ever—since they’ll always be there for you.


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