Kahn you be the next KSC president?

In the last school year, Keene State College has come to know and love its Interim President, former Vice President of Finance and Planning, Jay Kahn. During this period Kahn has become not only the new president, but the new face of KSC. It would be an understatement to say he has only enjoyed meeting students and working with new individuals on campus. He’s approachable, smart and fights for affordable tuition. A majority of students have come to truly appreciate Kahn, and we’re looking for a new president just like him, since we sadly can’t keep him.

Emma Contic / Graphics Editor

Emma Contic / Graphics Editor

The new KSC president must understand what a struggle the whole KSC community has gone through after our USNH state funding was cut by 45 percent. Kahn spoke at student assembly meetings about wanting to freeze tuition if the school is reimbursed for the money that was cut last year, and it’s important for our new president to have a similar financial plan to help KSC remain an affordable liberal arts school.

Speaking of being a liberal arts school, The Equinox would like our new president to have the same appreciation for a liberal arts education that the KSC students and faculty embrace. Students have the opportunity at KSC to really explore different fields of interest that they wouldn’t have the chance to at other schools. Another great part of this type of educating is the great relationship that can form between professor and student. Although online learning can be beneficial to many types of people, KSC prides itself on a traditional classroom education, with only some classes using Blackboard for work outside of the classroom. This tradition is one we would like to keep, especially with growing new departments like safety and nursing and smaller ones like philosophy and dance. There are plenty of intriguing classes to try out, full of inspiring and influential people.

It is also important to note that we would really enjoy a president who came into this position with the plans to make KSC their new home. It can be difficult on students when a president only stays for a few years and then leaves when a “better” job title comes along. KSC is a great learning community but needs a leader who won’t make KSC a stepping stone in their job search. We want someone who will be a guiding light for all because they care.

Most importantly though, we need a friendly face, on campus, who is approachable and wants to get to know the student body. Kahn can be known to walk his dog around campus and introduce himself to students he sees. This is one of the little things about Kahn that we really appreciate. We don’t just want our new president to be a name we see attached in KSC e-mails. We want to see them interested, present and always moving forward.

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