The Equinox would like to apologize for the inaccuracies in the news story “Diagnostic problems at the KSC health center” which was published on Nov. 29.

According to the Director of the Center for Health and Wellness, Christine Burke, in a Center for Health and Wellness patient satisfaction survey conducted in the spring of 2012 yielded the following results:

87 percent of responders identified their interaction with the Registered Nurse through the triage process as positive and having got what they needed

97 percent reported that they felt the provider understood and responded to my concerns

Of the students whose visit involved charges for lab work, 99 percent reported that any recommended test were explained clearly as to why they were necessary and 92 percent agreed that they were aware that they could refuse any recommended test.

82 percent of students agree that they understood the cost associated with their visit (if any) and their options for payment.

25 percent of students actually identified something they learned as a result of their contact with our office.

The story was inaccurate because it provided the personal experience of only a few students without providing data or evidence proving that these accounts reflect the majority of students’ experience with the KSC Health Center. The story’s  viewpoint was slanted because it only provided the negative experiences of a few students without addressing the positive effects the center has had on students at Keene State College.

The article also stated “…a nurse practitioner acts as a doctor in New Hampshire.” The word choice of “acts” misrepresents the role and credentials of nurse practitioners. They do not “act” as doctors, rather, they independently practice in the state of New Hampshire.

In addition, the article states, “There have been a few accounts on whether or not the Center for Health and Wellness at KSC is accurate and has the right credentials to treat students.” This statement is unsubstantiated and there is no evidence to support it.

The reporter failed to provide the interviewee with accurate context or suggest to Christine Burke the article would be focused on patient satisfaction. By doing so, the reporter did not allow Christine Burke the opportunity to correct any inaccuracies about students’ health center experiences.

It is The Equinox’s mission to produce unbiased, factual, and accurate information to the campus and to establish and maintain itself as a trusted news source. However, this article does not reflect the values The Equinox aspires to attain, and we would like to apologize to Christine Burke, the staff at the Center for Health and Wellness, and to the campus for any problems and offenses that resulted from the article.

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