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While walking from class to class a young, talented voice is heard throughout campus this spring.  It was easy to hear aspiring singer/songwriter Brooks Hubbard, sophomore political science major, as he sung his material throughout campus last week. Hubbard said his friend Brendan Doyle, senior at Keene State College, has helped to get his name out at KSC.  Hubbard said, “He has a bunch of students come over, and I just play for them, and they give me feedback right away.”

Doyle did more than just get Hubbard’s name out around KSC, Doyle said he started a music blog when he was a freshman at KSC and gained a lot of contacts, one being a writer from “GoodMusicAllDay,” a large music blog. “His [Hubbard’s] music received tons of hits and he was actually getting emails from all over saying how much they loved his music,” Doyle said.

“One of the best things about Brooks is that he doesn’t see himself as an amazing singer/songwriter, he just sees himself as someone who loves music,” Doyle stated. Being a full-time college student and performing shows on weekends to chase his dream can bring some difficulties. Hubbard said he has a show every weekend until the end of the semester.

“Music is just constantly running through my head and I play everyday and I find myself daydreaming in class,” Hubbard said. Hubbard said his favorite show that he performed and his most powerful performance memory was at Tupelo Music Hall in White River Junction, Vt.

“It’s just a crazy thing that it’s an actual venue where professional artists play and I had the opportunity to play there and sell a lot of tickets there,” said Hubbard.

Hubbard has a second show at Tupelo Music Hall on May 12, 2012. “I’m actually co-headlining with Jeff LeBlanc,” Hubbard said. LeBlanc and Hubbard have been e-mailing and discussing their music together said Hubbard.

“I do that with a lot of singer/songwriters that will talk to me, and just give me advice about stuff,” Hubbard said.  Hubbard said LeBlanc was interested in how his show went at Tupelo and asked Hubbard if he wanted to co-headline together. Hubbard said he has no interest in pursuing a career in political science. “The only plan I have is just to pursue music and I don’t really know what that means yet,” Hubbard stated. Hillary Hubbard, sister and senior at KSC, said that their father and grandfather from the same side of the family were also musically talented.  Hubbard said his father inspires him because they are both big dreamers but his father never acted on his dreams.

“I want to be the second chance and act on those dreams and do what he couldn’t,” Hubbard said. Hubbard said KSC has helped him a lot more to pursue his dreams in music than his old school.

“The students here are a lot more engaging and social and they’re more into listening, certainly to kids like me,” Hubbard stated. Hubbard said the support of his friends and family has helped him become the musician he is today, they are at the core of his inspiration. Hubbard’s sister said their family inspires Hubbard by supporting him in everything he’s doing. “He will always ask me if I want to hear the latest song, even if it’s not finished yet, and he will play what he has so far and I think he feeds off of those reactions,” his sister said.

Jessica Corkery, sophomore at KSC, saw Hubbard live a year ago at KSC Acoustic Coffee House and said, “He is a very good performer and enjoyable to watch. He gets the audience involved in his music making it fun to be a part of.” “My mind is just set on music, it’s always been music pretty much my whole life. Over everything I would say. Even health and eating,” Hubbard stated.

Doyle said that when he sees Hubbard perform live he feels good, positive vibes. “He makes awesome songs that once enough people hear will become viral,” Doyle said.


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