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With over $1,500 worth of damages over the span of one semester, the 354 residents of Holloway Hall face fines for mysterious happenings.

A Holloway Hall third floor resident assistant who asked not to be named said, “We’ve had a lot of damages such as people ripping down lights and punching out ceiling tiles. We haven’t been able to find out who has been doing it.”[singlepic id=1082 w=320 h=240 float=right]

The damages, ranging from lights and tiles being ripped out, have caused fines for the whole building in excess of about ten dollars each.


Alex Hyde, a former resident of Carle Hall, was recently moved to Holloway by Residential Life for being written up multiple times for noise violations.

Hyde said, “It sucks to have to deal with this. I feel like people might blame me for stuff because I got in trouble back in Carle.”

“We had several incidents last semester too. Someone pooped in the recycling room and people have dropped pumpkins, zucchinis and a microwave over the third floor balcony,” the resident assistant said.

The main issue with Holloway Hall’s damages zeroes in on the third floor balcony, in the same area that most of the damages have happened.

“When people rip the lights down, they’ll just be hanging down from the ceiling for the rest of the weekend. It sucks when you have to walk around them,” Hyde said.

Hyde, who’s only been in Holloway for two weeks added, “Carle was bad with a lot of stuff, but you couldn’t punch out the ceiling there. Here it’s just suspended ceiling so when kids get amped up on the weekend they do stupid stuff.”

To avoid further damage charges, residents of Holloway Hall have been notified several times via their Mailcruiser accounts to cease the destruction or else cause further fines to their personal accounts.

Residents have also been urged by the resident director and Residential Life to keep an eye out and report any mysterious activity they’ve seen.

The Resident Director of Holloway Hall was unavailable for comment.

The resident assistant said, “We have ideas as to who’s doing it, but some of these incidents we haven’t caught anyone. It’s got to be people that don’t live in Holloway because we have good residents here.”

The third floor balcony in Holloway which has an approximately 15-foot drop down to the second floor is the primary area of concern for the prevention of further damages.

Most recently within the past month, a pizza, chair and microwave have all been tossed from the third floor balcony resulting in damage marks on the second floor.

The resident assistant said, “I’ve talked to a lot of my residents and people know, but they aren’t talking. It’s the last week of school and the damages have got to stop.”

Freshman Nate Banas said, “It sucks to pay for stuff that you didn’t do.”

Preventative measures have taken place, most often it starts with the Office of Residential Life, who will come in and speak to floors about the potential of residents being moved randomly.

Very often the next step is to have campus safety come and do random patrols through the halls, as well as resident assistants doing more rounds when on duty. Hyde said, “It’s understandable that people get wild in their freshmen year, but it’s coming to an end and it’s time to grow up and stop causing unnecessary damages. I hope it’s not this bad when I’m a sophomore.”


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