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Keene State College’s Bigs Club lends a helping hand to children in need.

Keene State College’s Bigs Club is an organization on campus that is run by students and  is affiliated with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program of western New Hampshire. The volunteer who is matched with a child is called a “big” and the child is called a “little.” The club puts on and participates in many events throughout the year to help the children involved with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.

The next upcoming event is a snow tubing trip to Granite Gorge. Michael Woodworth, KSC sophomore and co-president of the Bigs Club on campus, said the event will take place on March 3, and snow tubing is free for the first 10 students to ask for a ticket. He also said the Bigs Club is providing free transportation for the first 10 students. “Transportation is limited to the first 10 people because it’s only a 15-person van.”

Another event Bigs Club is in the process of planning is the third annual dodgeball tournament. Kim Fuchs, a KSC student and the club’s event coordinator, said she sets up the event and fills out all of the scheduling forms. “Dodgeball is probably going to be in the gym, but it’s not definite yet.” According to the club’s other co-president, Steve Coppez, the dodgeball tournament is scheduled to take place April 15 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. He said it only costs $20 per team to play and there can be five people on a team. “All the proceeds go to the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization and the winning team wins a prize.” He said anyone in the Keene community can come and participate in the tournament.

Coppez also said that campus convenience sponsors the club. “Camco provides beverages and snacks free of charge at events like the dodgeball tournament.” Woodworth said the kids involved with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program will be at the snow tubing event, but they will not be at the dodgeball tournament. However, he did say that “dodgeball is a fundraiser for the kids.” He also said they will be asking for donations for raffle prizes at the dodge ball tournament.

The KSC Bigs Club meets every Monday night at 8 p.m. in room 309 of the student center. Coppez said you don’t have to be a big to be involved with the on-campus club. “If you’re a big you don’t have to come to the meetings, but it’s highly recommended.” He said at the Monday night meetings they explain any and all of the events that are coming up.  Anyone can join the club. Woodworth said that bigs who do not come to the meetings are missing out. “If you go to the Bigs Club meetings you can plan the events.”

Students involved with the Bigs Club at Keene State College and the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization do not get paid and do not receive any college credits for their participation with the program.

Anthony Munoz, a member of the club and a KSC student, said he joined because he wanted to be a good person and give back to the community. He also said the club is here to raise awareness of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program in Keene. He said it is not time consuming to be part of the club or to be matched with a little. “The one-on-one match up with a little is on your own time,” Munoz said. Woodworth said it’s great being in the club. “You get to be a positive role model in a child’s life.”

Just like many other organizations at Keene State College, Bigs Club has an executive board made up of students. Each member has a different position with different responsibilities: Michael Woodworth and Steve Coppez are co-presidents of the club; Kim Fuchs is the event coordinator; Dave Daly is the treasurer; James McLoughlin is the publicist; and there is also a secretary to take notes at the meetings and send out emails to all of the members of the club.

Bigs Club is one of the many student-run organizations on campus. Students can get involved by joining the club, volunteering with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, or even donating money.

According to the Big Brothers Big Sisters website there are two ways that big-little matches come together: either with community-based mentoring or site-based mentoring.

The website also stated that the Big Brothers Big Sisters program in western New Hampshire served 459 children in 2009.

There are multiple ways to become involved with this organization in Keene, N.H. For more information about the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program of western New Hampshire take a look at its website.


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