It is no secret that the number of Keene State College students who use smartphones to access their personal email, social networking sites, and a multitude of other things is increasing daily.  Yet, even though smartphones have been a part of many college students’ lives for several years now, and only continues to become more popular, accessing the school’s MyKSC program through smartphones has not become any easier. MyKSC and the MailCruiser program have always been a disappointing part of the experience here at Keene State College, and the increasing use of smartphones has only made the experience worse.

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The present way of accessing MyKSC through smartphones is difficult and time consuming. It’s such a pain to access, that it’s generally easier for students to find a computer to check their email than to check it through their smartphones.

However, the bright spot for KSC students who were struggling with being able to check their emails on the go was the announcement of a mobile smartphone application for MyKSC. Students rejoiced at the notion of being able to access their MyKSC accounts without having to constantly sign in and out of their accounts repeatedly via their smartphones or having to find a computer to check their email. This new app would make it faster and easier to access MyKSC and MailCrusier while out around campus.

The student’s who were dreaming of being able to access their MyKSC email easily and quickly on their phones while around campus will be disappointed to hear that the long-anticipated mobile app has been delayed until the spring.  The app was originally supposed to be released during December, but according to Information Technology, it has been delayed for unknown reasons. This is another reason for students to continue to be disappointed by the MyKSC and MailCruiser system.


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