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College is great, but a small fraction of our lives as students is comparable to our future. There has been a lot of concern in this tough economy for previous graduates to find jobs while having to pay off the loans for their education.

This can be overwhelming for future Keene State College graduates.

But there is hope; there have been graduates who were able to get their careers started. It is important for students to view these  graduates as career learning tools.

Steven Theelen, a management major, graduated from KSC in 2011 and has started his career working in sales at W.B. Mason, a business specializing in office products. He got his start in the Keene State College business internship program, working as administrative at an office. He also interned at a low-status position in sales.

Ian Labelle, a safety studies major who graduated in 2011, has started his career as a loss control consultant, managing safety and health, at Peerless Insurance Company. In getting to that position, he explained that he started looking for work at the beginning of the fall semester.

He said, “I didn’t know what I wanted to do for job. I know I wanted to go in right in the work force.” He then talked about the internship he had. “The internship was nothing that I wanted to do. It was actually at a manufacturing company, but I knew that experience was huge.”

And in addressing the importance of internships he said, ““I think internships are probably the best. Probably the number one thing you’re going to be asked for in interview.”

Brenden McCarthy, a 2011 graphic design major, works as the creative director for Opus Magazine based out of Chicago, IL. The magazine is in development, focusing on gay community international issues such as race, religion, and politics.

“Our first issue, our main story, is about the ‘new modern family;’ same sex couples starting a family and what that looks like on an international level.”

McCarthy also talked about his experience in job-hunting after graduation. “I was just about to hit the 100 mark for job application/positions that I had applied for when I decided that I would just start contacting random newspaper and magazine companies out here because my ideal job would be to work in print design.”

From another perspective to prepare for future careers, Patricia Halloran, director of Academic & Career Advising, has suggested all students get practical by taking part in such things as extracurricular activities and student clubs. Internships, as mentioned earlier, can also be a high benefit to students as well.

As every Keene State College student spends their remaining years, each should look into the advice that these graduates have to offer.

For Thelleen, he suggested to prepare for jobs by searching for internships, applying for jobs early, and getting interviews before the end of graduation. “Always have an outlook for your future, always keep looking because college does not last forever,” Thelleen said. He continued,  “When you first [get] a job, compared to the kind of job you want to get, you might not like it,” implying that we need to start at low-status work.

Labelle suggested not to worry and also not to limit yourself to finding work in the region you live. “Don’t be scared in taking an internship; it might not be something you’re interested, but it will look better than almost anything on your resume.”

McCarthy suggested, “Don’t be afraid to really put yourself out there.  Take a risk, especially if it is something that you want to do.  I am taking a huge risk working for a start-up magazine, but that is what this process is all about.  It is how we grow, gain experiences, and make connections. Never settle for the mundane.”

All these students have given a sign of hope for future graduates. It is definitely recommended for all students to create a variety of different skills related to their own interests outside of the classroom.

I hope this can be good use of motivation for all of us as students, so that  these tough times will not put us down, and our goals can put us on the right path.


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