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Psi Chi, the international honors society of psychology, hosted a paint night in the Night Owl Café.

This past Wednesday night on Nov. 30, painters were welcomed into the Night Owl Cafe for a guided painting experience hosted by the Psi Chi honors society. Emily Lambert, a professor in the fine arts department of Keene State College, steered the participants through a multitude of different instructions. There wasn’t a specific image that was being painted, but rather the participants were given different prompts which helped them create abstractinspired art.

These directions were not strictly enforced and the painters were encouraged to put their own spins on their creations. Painters were given instructions such as drawing four circles across their page, without having to worry whether their circles were perfect or not. Warm colors were used throughout which helped the paintings capture a spring atmosphere.

Painters collaborated on different aspects of the painting as well, at one point painters were told to look at the canvas next to them and take an element from it and implement it into their own work.

The session ended with a group discussion in which they talked about their experience creating their art.

After the event Shailee Woodard, the faculty advisor for Psi Chi, and Josie Sarno the president, stuck around to answer questions from students. When asked what made them want to do a paint night, Sarno said that it was a “fun and good way for students to express themselves at the end of the semester and whatever they have in their heads they can let go of on paper and provide release.”

They noted that the timing of the event was specifically chosen to be close to finals in order to provide students with a mental break from the stresses of studying. Psi Chi expressed that they will continue putting on events on a monthly basis.

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