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Here on campus, as we get into the fall season and the leaves begin to change colors on trees, the midpoint of the semester is  right around the corner. Students are busy working hard in their classes, getting involved, and comfortable with their schedules. As the semester continues, it’s easy for work and stress to build up. However, Keene State students are on top of the game and pushing through it.  

For first-year students, this is their first time living on campus so it has been a big adjustment for many. The first few weeks here at Keene State, there were many events for students to attend to help make friends and feel like a part of the community. These events included the involvement fair, the community dinner, and a variety of events/craft nights within the dorms.  

First-year Justin Nicolas said, “I am feeling better than I thought because I am able to be independent and I’ve been able to make lots of new friends.”   “Having people around me constantly helps me feel happy and excited to be here,” Nicolas added.  First-year Abby Cungo said she is beginning to get used to college life. “I am feeling more comfortable with the workload, but also relieved that the semester is almost halfway over,” Cungo said.  

Returning sophomore Liz Redfern said, “So far my classes are going pretty well and I’m feeling confident in this semester so far.” Redfern added some advice to other students,“I found that studying with a group of people in places like the library helps me get work done,”said Redfern.  

Emily Gelardi, a CA in the commons as a second year student describes, “I feel good, it is definitely getting harder classes wise so it’s definitely affecting being a CA as well.”  With every position will also come hardships and challenges to overcome.  Emily also said, “students are starting to get more involved now that it is the middle of the semester and that’s making me happy because at the beginning of the semester it’s hard because you don’t know anyone so it’s nice to see people hanging out with each other and getting involved.”  Emily constantly works hard to ensure that her residents have what they need and to plan events that will encourage them to get involved.  

There are many places around campus where students can go to study.  A couple places that students are found studying at often are the library, study rooms in dorms, common areas, and the dining commons.  

Senior Hannah Weber is feeling stressed as the midpoint comes around, “As a music major [I am] always stressed because there is always repertoire and there’s always 400-level classes that don’t go along with the music majors,” said Weber.  

Keene State students are working through tough times to finish the semester strong.

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