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Keene State College hosted a graduate school fair in the Rhodes Atrium for students to stop by and learn more about opportunities for their future. Twenty-one schools came out to set up tables on Oct. 12 and the turnout was phenomenal, despite some scheduling concerns. 

“I think we went up against what’s a good time to hold an event that gets student turnout because of the class schedule,” said Louise Ewing, career advisor for KSC’s Academic and Career Advising department. Her role at the information desk at the fair was aimed to help students and graduate schools connect. 

Those attending the fair were asked to wear a nametag with their current major listed so that the schools at the tables were able to discuss relevant options for each individual student. “I feel like there’s so many things I could pick from out there, and I have no clue where to even start looking,” one student said. “A fair like this helps to sort out some possible options close to home, so I can at least feel like I’ve gotten started.”

For those who have studied and worked through all three or four years of their program, sometimes further schooling is the perfect option. However, it can be seemingly out of reach without the right resources and guidance. When asked about the ease of applying for graduate programs compared to applying at an undergraduate level, one student shared, “There’s a lot more exposure to the process of getting into college right out of high school. Someone is holding your hand the whole way. But for stuff like this, it’s left up to us as students to make the choice to reach out and ask for guidance if we need it.” 

This can lead to some students feeling scrambled, especially if they wait until the last minute to get going on looking at graduate schools and learning about the application process. That’s what a fair like this aims to reduce. Each graduate program that appeared at the event had instructions on how to apply, what programs were available and other information. 

Although the event is aimed at upperclassmen, Ewing said, “It doesn’t hurt for first and second year students to just find out what’s out there and related to their interests and majors.” 

The opportunity to attend graduate school is a great one for those who think it’s right for them, and Keene State is making sure the door for these programs stays wide open so students can achieve their full potential as easily as possible. 

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