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KSC’s annual Senior Art and Design Exhibition opened its latest student showcase on April 22 in the Thorne-Sagendorph Art Gallery.

The exhibition included 21 seniors and had a wide variety of art mediums including paintings, sketches, graphic design, ceramics and photography. 

Senior Maureen D’Agostino presented ceramic and sculpture pieces at the exhibition. “By exploring both ceramic and sculptural work, I create fantastical objects inspired by my experiences working in elementary schools,” D’Agostino said in the program notes.

Senior graphic design major Kailin Froberg tabled her graphic design work at the event. “Before choosing my major and coming to Keene, I had never done graphic design. I had a gut feeling I would like it and lucky for me, I ended up loving graphic design,” Froberg said in the program notes.

Senior Drew Sumner presented a collection of charcoal sketches and paintings. “Painting allows me a chance to reflect on the way in which I perceive the world… These bold colors vibrate with energy, electricity, sparking something that is uncomfortable, creating an unsolved mystery,” the program notes stated.

Additionally, Sumner performed live music with his band LacquerHead. 

In an email sent to The Equinox, Lynn Richardson, faculty coordinator for the Thorne-Sagendorph Gallery, said the inclusion of live music “added another dimension to the event and really helped to celebrate the arts.”

In addition to her role within the Thorne-Sagendorph Art Gallery, Richardson teaches the Art Senior Studio Exhibition course. The course prepares students to showcase their work in the final exhibition. 

“We work together on artist statements, resumes and portfolios. And then we talk about ways to lay out a group exhibition… Students produce all of the work under the guidance of art faculty in their studio class,” Richardson said.

Professor Emily Lambert also had students that were in the exhibit and oversaw their work. “The art students have been working all year and especially this semester in their senior studio seminar, where they have been writing about their work,” Lambert said. 

Lambert mentioned that she was proud of all the hard work that the students have put in. “It’s been a privilege to watch the students’ development over the last year and see so much growth in their ability to make their vision tangible,” Lambert said. 

Similarly, Richardson said she was proud of everyone’s hard work to make the event a success. “It had such an energy and I am happy for the students to really get the moment they deserve from all the hard work over the last 4 years. I hope this energy will sustain their art practices going forward. They should be very proud of their success,” Richardson said. 

Richardson added, “After two years of COVID, it was finally time for all of us to come together.”  

Art students Maureen D’Agostino, Kailin Froberg and Drew Sumner were unavailable for an interview. 

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