Artists returning to tour are bringing the world some normalcy

Singers and performers are stepping back into their tour schedules and some are going international with their performances. I think this return to normalcy is good for the world as we should be comfortable enough with COVID-19 related precautions that concerts should be slim-to-no problem. 

Performers have been traveling to share their craft for as long as music has been around. Bands, solo singers, circuses, plays and musicals have trotted the globe to share what they have created. The COVID-19 pandemic had put a harsh stop to any of that happening. But now that there are prevention measures created for these large audiences, there shouldn’t be any reason to not return to traveling shows. 

I know the current political climate has people up in arms about the COVID-19 regulations, mandates and precautions. I know not everyone is fine with masks and vaccines to get into venues, but these concerts and artists going back to cities across the U.S. and the world are going to be beneficial with the right steps being taken to protect the masses. 

The entertainment industry has created thousands of jobs across the globe. The people who work for individual venues have lost a lot of money throughout the pandemic because of cancelled and postponed events. People who work for individual artists’ tour crews were also out of commission because of cancelled shows. Now that performers are going back on the road, all these people get their jobs back and won’t have to worry about where their paychecks are going to come from. This fact alone is another reason artists are eager to get back on the road. 

Some artists are mostly staying within the U.S. for their upcoming shows, bouncing from one major city to the next to see fans in the crowd. However, I’ve even seen some artists going international with their tours like they were supposed to be pre-pandemic. Through my own digging on Twitter, I found that international fans seem to be extremely excited about their favorite artists going on tour again. 

Now with tours coming back while we are still struggling with fighting off COVID-19, there are still going to be steps taken to make sure we are keeping everyone safe. The venues themselves are going to vary in policy depending on what state and country they’re in, and the artists are probably going to ensure the safety of their crew and teams to the best of their ability. If communities can keep up the pandemic preventative measures, performances can continue to bring together music lovers all around. If the world can keep fighting the pandemic, we will be back to flooding stadiums, filling clubs and packing the seats at the concerts of our favorite artists. 

But overall, I think returning to tour is going to be good for concert goers, event workers and the general entertainment industry to get back to normal. 

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