Keene State College senior Molly Delaney poses for a portrait in the workshop at The Redfern Arts Center.
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KSC senior advances to nationals for stage management

KSC Theater and Dance (TAD) stage manager Molly Delaney made it to nationals at the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival (KCACTF). 

Delaney was recognized for their work stage managing KSC theater and dance department’s production of “The Last Five Years” in spring 2021. 

The KCACTF organizers sent respondents to KSC to view the show and give feedback last spring. “It’s not criticism; it’s just a really nice talk about what we did and what they liked,” Delaney said. 

A week later, KCACTF nominated people in acting, stage management, and set work who they believed should enter the festival. “I was nominated for stage management,” Delaney said. “That means they liked the elements that I called for the show, that went smoothly.” 

From there, Delaney took an independent study for stage management. During this time, they worked on preparing a book to present to KCACTF. “I have two different things…one is a calling script, which is the script that [has] all the cues,” Delaney said. “There’s also a blocking script that tracks every movement that actors do.” 

Delaney presented their book at the festival last week. “I was put in a group with six other stage managers, stage management, professional correspondents and then a mediator of KCACTF,” Delaney said.

An hour later, Delaney found out they had moved on to round two, which took place the next day. “So round two was me and two professional stage managers and more mediators,” Delaney said. “They’d already watched my presentation…they just had a conversation with me and asked me questions about my approach.” 

That night, Delaney found out about their advancement to nationals. “I was with all my roommates and I looked on the screen and it said my name and the “The Last Five Years” Keene State College,” Delaney said. “ It was crazy, I get to go to nationals, which is crazy.” 

Delaney mentioned how grateful they were for their time with “The Last Five Years” cast. 

“I’m most proud of the relationship of the cast and production,” Delaney said. “I’m very happy to represent Keene State and “The Last Five Years” at nationals.”

In an email sent to The Equinox, Kirstin O’Brien, the director of “The Last Five Years” said, “I [am] so thrilled for Molly…They worked so incredibly hard during [The Last Five Years] and without them, our show would never have happened as smoothly as it did… Molly is a true professional and I have no doubt they will excel as a stage manager professionally.”

KCACTF nationals will take place in April 2022 in Washington, D.C. It has not yet been confirmed if the festival will take place in-person or virtually.


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