Two former residence halls will be considered for demolition.

Treadwell explained that in place of Monadnock and Randall, the space will possibly frst serve as green space, and then possibly transition into a space where KSC can connect with the community.

According to President Melinda Treadwell, “We talked about the fact that Randall specifcally needs a lot of renovation to make it attractive for housing. It’s just so expensive to renovate that building to serve that purpose.”

Monadnock Hall has had a complicated history with KSC, with the dorm serving as isolation housing for students who test positive for COVID-19.

In regards to Randall Hall, Treadwell said that in order for Randall Hall to come down, it will still require signifcant investment.

“Just to do anything to Randall, it’s 17 million even get started on it. It’s just too expensive. It’s so out of date from current code, whereas Monadnock is a little bit newer [and] a little bit easier to scale to renovate.”

Treadwell said Randall has asbestos materials. “Yeah, all of our buildings go through the same process, almost every building on campus that’s older than 1960 would have some asbestos in the building materials. So we it’s a part of our standard process to abate that, and then to take down the rest of the materials,” Treadwell said.

Treadwell continued, “So it’s not new. It’s kind of a standard approach. We do it carefully. We do it within the laws and then we reclaim what we can dispose of the hazardous materials, a totally appropriate and totally consistent, nothing new, just expensive to renovate in space because of it.”

Treadwell said that she thinks both Monadnock and Randall will be coming down in the future.

“Frankly, I think both are going to come down. Because we’re looking at shifting resources into the core of the campus,” Treadwell said.


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