At the November 30 Student Assembly meeting, KSC President Melinda Treadwell delivered the State of the College Address. Here’s what happened:


Student Body Vice President Paula Durant delivered opening remarks. Durant noted that students who started in the Fall of 2019 have not been able to experience a full semester wihtout COVID. She went on to praise the efforts of the school during COVID.


“We are trying to find ways to make changes and adjust,” Treadwell said.

“The challenge that was facing higher ed are pervasive and they’re widespread across the Northeast region,” Treadwell explained.

Treadwell explained that some of the challenges colleges faced was due to the declining birth rate around the country.

“It’s birth rate decline in the United States in different regions… we’ve seen this decline. Keene State declined at a faster rate leading up to 2018 than they think. [Nathan] Grawe’s earlier data would suggest we were supposed to have declined about 10%… they actually declined at approximately 25%,” Treadwell said.

Treadwell explained that the decline happened sooner than expected.


M.B. Lufkin discussed enrollment. Lufkin explained the registration numbers used by colleges. Colleges use a R+30 number, meaning registration plus 30 days.

For new first-year students in the 2022 fiscal year, the goal was 775 students. KSC had 749 new firstyear students come in that year. For transfer and re-admitted students, the goal was 100. This goal was slighlty exceeded with a total of 149 students.

The goal for enrollment was 875 students, however this goal was exceeded with 898 students.

For continuing students, the goal was 2,104 students, however this was not met with a total of 2,036 students.

In terms of grad students, the goal was 100 students, however this was also slightly exceeded with a total of 109 graduate students.

The full recap for the State of the College will be posted on the The Equinox website.

The student assembly forwent a full meeting following the address, and courtesies were given.


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