From TV characters to superheroes, from animals to favorite foods, Keene State was hustling and bustling with people in their spooky and cute outfits this Halloween.

Students had planned the weekend with horror movies, horror stories, pumpkin carvings, tricks and treats, and many more fun activities.

The college had many students walking around on campus in their costumes. Some students enjoyed dressing up while some were content in the spookiness without a costume. Jason Moro, a first-year majoring in legal studies said, “Halloween is my favorite holiday as I get to watch people in different costumes and see what they are depicting”. Moro plans to go to ‘Screeemfest’ at Canobie Lake Park in Salem, New Hampshire and enjoy Halloween with rides, haunted houses, roving monsters, and live shows.

Sophomore Tara Gaulin, a creative writing major, had a rock n’ roll spooky costume idea this Halloween. Gaulin was thrilled to dress up as Tiffany from a 1990s horror, comedy, killer doll movie, “Bride of Chucky”. “I will be dressed in a wedding dress and a black jacket resembling Tiffany, Chucky’s wife. I am very excited for this as it’s my favorite movie”, said Gaulin.

A video game enthusiast, first-year Hannah Velasco, had themed her dress on her favorite anime-style action role-playing game, “Genshin Impact”. Velasco planned to wear all brown with a coat, a shirt, shorts, a hat, socks, a thigh band, and accessories as she planned to portray a playable Pyro character, Hu tao. “While dressing up, my roommate and I are doing tricks and treats to the people who will knock on our doors. Everyone is welcome to knock on our door on the fourth floor of the LLC”, said Velasco.

Friends dressed in matching outfits were another sight at the college. A group of friends were dressed up in bathrobes, while another pair was dressed up as a monkey and banana. Likewise, first-year Caesar Barboa, a film studies major said, “I will be hanging out with my best friend dressed up as Angus, a character from the video game ‘Night in the Woods’ as my best friend will be the Mae. We will be matching”.

“I will be Coraline, a cute and easy character from an animated dark fantasy 2009 film, ‘Coraline’”, said first-year Maya Mahoney, an elementary education major. She added, “I am looking forward to hanging out with friends this Halloweekend”.

With the chilly weather of Halloween, first-year Tess Wolterpeek, a psychology major said, “I am going to be a funny hotdog with my warm hoodie”.

First-year Mela Wujcik, an elementary education major, wished everyone a safe and spooky Halloween as she planned to dress up in her Pirate outfit.


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