This week’s students assembly covered the Keene State College’s recent approval rates reported by the U.S. News and World Report. KSC has five top 10 ratings amongst colleges in the North including 9th Best Regional College and 5th Best Undergraduate Teaching.

The USNH hosted a meeting attended by Alana Lehouillier and Zachary Christie who then reported back to assembly.

Lehouillier went to share with the assembly the recent student retention numbers. The University System of New Hampshire saw an overall decrease in student retention. Lehouillier also reported the KSC retention rates, the 4 year graduation rate, and the 6 year graduation rate. Lehouillier also reported that the college is looking to renovate campus housing to increase retention.

Title 9 data was also reported to the assembly. KSC has seen a slight decrease in disclosures. The USNH reported their most frequent Title 9 reports.

Christie reported the USNH finances are working to make a comeback from pandemic related losses. Students deciding not to enroll and deferred students caused major financial losses across the university system. Christie also reported that every effort is being made to secure federal funding for COVID-19 related expenses.

The assembly also reported that the USNH eliminated the cap in place on out-of-state undergraduate tuition. Also, there is no current Chancellor in the university system, and how that is going to be addressed is in discussion.

Student Government Advisor, Jennifer Ferrell, reminded that students should take care of themselves during college hardships and pandemic related struggles. She also reminded that KSC offers services to support mental health.

Ferrell announced that the faculty and staff state of the college address is coming up. The student state of the college address is at the end of November and will be delivered by President Treadwell.

Class reports included plans and scheduling around Pumpkin Palooza and Halloweekend activities.

During courtesies, assembly was reminded to report any events that may need advertising on social media. Assembly members mentioned several events hosted this weekend and meetings in the coming week.

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