Students at the Night Owl Cafe (NOC) on Friday had the chance to win prizes in bingo and trivia while they enjoyed free popcorn and soda courtesy of the NOC.

The Night Owl Café (NOC) opened its doors last week for the first Third-Thursday Bingo and Trivia night of the semester.

Inside the NOC, 50 chairs were set up, socially distanced and facing the stage where a member of the NOC staff was conducting the event. This week’s theme for trivia was ’’’Logos’’’ and the café was offering prizes such as DoorDash and Amazon gift cards of up to $50 to the winners.

While students were enjoying the games and prizes they could also go to the bar to pick up free popcorn and drinks.

Because of the guidelines in place to keep students socially distanced, the café hasn’t been able to see the same number of attendees at their activities as in previous years. “It is a smaller crowd due to COVID,” Genesis Rivas, a member of the NOC staff working the bar, said. “But I feel like it’s still important to have it… We just want people to have fun, kind of de-stress…Our mission statement would be to make people feel good.”

An attendee of the event, Skye Robicheau, a junior at Keene, confirmed that the Night Owl Café was living up to its mission: “I wish it happened more often because I think that it’s a great experience and students have a lot of fun!” said Skye. She said she was happy to hear that as well as hosting bingo on the third Thursday of every month, the NOC also does the same event on the first Friday of the month. Although bingo and trivia night is the only event hosted by the NOC staff, for the time being, the space is frequently used by other departments to host their own events. This past Saturday for example, the class of ‘24 hosted Sizzler Night there.

For students who can’t get enough of the Night Owl Café’s events, the Owl Net app/website has a complete list of on-campus events as well as their times and locations. Bingo and trivia nights will also be advertised via the many bulletin postings around campus. Any student who wants to work in the NOC where they can help to plan and facilitate these events can find out how to join by going to Owl Net and searching for the Night Owl Café under the Organizations tab

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