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Technology changes cause frustration within the Keene State College community at the start of the semester.

Over the summer, Enterprise Technology & Services replaced the KSC_Device and KSC_Secure wireless networks with Eduroam. Eduroam is a global wireless network dedicated to research and education. This network can be accessed at other Eduroam institutions, including all University System of New Hampshire (USNH) campuses.

Keene State College also moved to a single Microsoft 365 environment this summer that is shared by all USNH institutions. This transition changed all campus email address domains to, and updated Microsoft services and applications.

Many returning students didn’t realize these technology changes had occurred, and they initially struggled at the beginning of the semester.

Junior Emily Tucker said the transition to Eduroam was tricky because the username changed.

“I didn’t understand adding like the email type of thing, but once someone told me, I understood,” Tucker said.

Logging into Eduroam wasn’t the only issue students encountered with the new Wi-Fi network. Some students said the signal can be unreliable.

“Usually around the TDS building and the farther outer reaches of the campus, it seems to cut out over there,” first-year Logan Hood said.

“Sometimes it’ll say ‘No Internet’ when I try and connect to Wi-Fi. But after a few tries of turning the Wi-Fi on and off, then it will start to kick in,” sophomore Liz Winsor said.

Comparatively, Winsor said the Microsoft 365 updates were more difficult to figure out.

“That was a little bit more complicated. Sort of making sure all my devices synced, to making sure it connected to my files and all that. But when I figured it all out, it worked,” Winsor said.

Some students had an easier time transitioning to their new Microsoft accounts.

“I didn’t even notice that it changed. I guess my computer just automatically did it for me,” Tucker said.

During the transition, the student email address domain changed from to The KSC Help Desk Team Lead and point person for the larger Enterprise Technology & Services Team across USNH, Elise Morrissette, said the change in domain was a positive move.

I think over the years since we had, we had heard from the student population that they would prefer having as their email domain. It looks and feels more like an educational email address without that prefix of,” Morrissette said.

If users are frustrated or having trouble with the changes, Morrissette said the Help Desk in Elliot Hall is a great resource.

“We understand that changes to technology are hard to navigate. Sometimes they absolutely are, and sometimes the timing can be tough. Some of the changes, we picked the best time frame that we possibly could given all the other factors, but if people are having trouble, we can always, always help,” Morrissette said.

Morrissette also said the Enterprise Technology & Services team will likely reach out to students for feedback on the technology changes later this semester.

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