KSC’s new Anti-Racism Studies program

Keene State College has a new anti-racist studies major.

The major is set out to provide students with an interdisciplinary study of narratives and an application of the process of antiracism. According to the college’s website, the program will work across four focus areas and have students discover and question the systemic impact that the notions of race have made on society.

Keene State College President Melinda Treadwell said the college plans to incorporate existing courses and studies into the anti-racist studies major. This includes courses from the recently cut women and gender studies major and American studies major. Treadwell added that sociology, criminal justice and Holocaust and Genocide Studies could also be incorporated into the program.

Treadwell said she and the provost worked together to build this new program to include many disciplines. “How can we create the best multidisciplinary approach to race, to othering, and to the social justice curriculum?”

Women and Gender Studies Chair Dr. Patricia-Pedroza Gonzalez, Provost James Beeby and Associate Provost Dr. Sue Castriotta all declined to comment. Psychology professor Dr. Karen Jennings was unavailable and Associate Vice President for Institutional Diversity and Equity Dr. Dottie Morris did not show up for the scheduled interview.



In the article “KSC’s new anti-racism studies major” The Equinox said that Provost James Beeby and Associate Provost Dr. Sue Castriotta declined to comment. To clarify, in an effort to obtain background information on the new program, the Equinox was referred to Beeby and Castriotta. Beeby referred The Equinox to Castriotta, who in turn referred the Equinox to others involved in the program.  Beeby did offer to answer followup questions at a later date.

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