First-year forward Raelyn Callahan (left) and junior midfielder Amanda Marshall (right) playing in a game against ECSU.

The Keene State women’s soccer team faced off in an aggressive game against the Worcester State University Lancers Tuesday night at 6:00pm on the Dr. Ron Butcher Field.

Senior Abbie Terrincca started out in goal for Keene State and senior Ashley Spellman started out in goal for Worcester State.

The game began strong for the Owls, scoring the first two goals within 15 minutes of each other. The first goal was put on the board by first-year forward Raelynn Callahan off an assist from senior midfielder Kaliana Palhof and the second goal of the game for Keene State was due to the work of junior midfielder Kayleigh Marshall off an assist from twin sister and fellow junior midfielder Amanda Marshall. That goal would be the last one scored for the rest of the first half, with Keene State leading 2-0.

Terrincca was doing well keeping the Lancers scoreless, that was until a free kick for Worcester State would go to the back of the net. This goal was done by senior Leah Fitzgerald off an assist by senior midfielder Megan Gurlitz. The scoring would not end there though for the Lancers. They would score another goal not even four minutes after the first, allowing the game to be tied 2-2. The game tying goal was put on the board by senior forward Ali Maldonado. This goal would be the last scored in the second half, causing the game to go into overtime.

The first overtime was scoreless for both teams, however there were many shots taken in an attempt to break the tie. Since the first overtime did not break the tie, the game was forced to go into a second overtime. This gave Keene State ten more minutes to break the tie and end the game.

The second overtime game was very tense due to the pressure of the game. Keene State really wanted a win so they could make their record 2-4. This was not the outcome of the game, however. The second overtime game was scoreless as well, ending the game in a 2-2 tie. Keene State is now 1-4- 1 this season. Both teams also took a decent number of shots on goal, with the Owls taking ten and the Lancers taking eight.

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