Piper Pavelich / Equinox Staff

Piper Pavelich
Equinox Staff

As Spring has come into full swing, the search for outdoor spots to escape to continues.

Goose Pond is one of many spots around Keene where students can explore, get some fresh air and go on a walk with a view.

Goose Pond and the surrounding trail are part of a bigger area known as The Drummer Hill Conservation Area and The Greater Goose Pond Forest. This entire area is spread out over approximately 30 square miles of land and features a large network of trails. This area offers an opportunity where students can get out into nature and explore different parts of the forest.

Goose Pond trail is located about 10 minutes from campus. The approximately two-mile loop trail offers views of the lake and the surrounding forest. This trail is accessible year-round and takes about an hour to complete. Some common wildlife can be seen along the trail, such as birds and chipmunks. It’s not uncommon to see some pond life as well, such as frogs, small lizards and turtles. The trail markings aren’t always completely clear, so it’s a good idea to grab a map before heading onto the trail if one is going to be exploring the entire area. One can walk, run or bike the trail. This trail does have roots and fallen trees in a few spots along the way, so stay alert and wear sturdy shoes. The trail is sometimes wet and muddy in a few spots, but that won’t hinder anyone from completing it. It would be a good idea to bring a second pair of socks, though!

Along the way, there is a dam that can be crossed over to continue the trail or where one could stop to sit and take in the site of the lake. There are many spots to stop and have a picnic or just take a break from the walk.

There are many trails that branch off the main pond trail, so one can further explore the area around the lake. There are short, steep hills at the beginning and end but, otherwise, it is a relatively flat trail. Goose Pond trail is for anyone with any level of hiking experience. Furry friends are allowed to come too, as long as they are cleaned up after! This trail doesn’t see a lot of foot traffic during the week, but it does on weekends. Either way, it’s not uncommon to see a few faces
This trail is well-liked by locals and visiting tourists. The sounds and smells of nature can help put one at ease after a stressful day. The views of the lake and the surrounding forest make for photo opportunities all around the trail. Students can get out and enjoy a walk around the lake or go on a bike ride to explore the network of trails in the Goose Pond Forest. No matter what one does, Goose Pond trail and its surrounding area offers an opportunity for students to get out for some fresh air and peaceful views close to campus.


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