Tim Wagner / Student Life Editor

Tim Wagner
Student Life Editor

On Friday, May 21, Keene State College’s Student Involvement Council held their last Friday event of the semester.

The event held was lawn games and was tabled by Keene State College’s Office of Student Involvement Casey Brown who said the variety of games were nice to see.

Brown said, “We have a whole variety of events. From Polish frisbees Kan jam, we have our nine mini golf set, ladder ball, corn hole, Spikeball, Jenga, you name it, we pretty much have it on chess and checkers as well.” The event was held during a week of warm weather for Keene and Brown said the Office of Student Involvement jumped on the opportunity. Brown said, “It’s just so nice out that we figured it’s good, we’ll get the student population who’s walking by to come and engage as well, too. So that’s been a really nice advantage to being outside.” With this being the last Friday event, Brown said the Office of Student Involvement is already planning for next year, Brown said, “This is our last Friday program of the semester. We do plan on having Friday programs for at least the first six weeks in the fall but this is the last of our programs for the spring.”

Keene State College junior Robert Fox said he saw the event on Instagram and headed over to the event. Fox said, “Keene State Government followed me the other day and I’m happy that they did because I was just scrolling on it. I just hiked Monadnock and I just came back and I was like, ‘I’ll just take called one minutes to chill and I saw it and he immediately got up off the couch and came right over here.’” Fox also said his favorite game offered was mini golf. Fox said, “I’ll probably say that mini golf is pretty sweet. That was like the last thing I was gonna expect it. I love it.”

Check back on Keene State College’s Owlnet at the start of the 2021-2022 Fall semester to see what events the Office of Student Involvement are planning for the semester.

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