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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has been the dominant staple of astronomy within the United States of America for decades. I passionately believe that without NASA and its assets, some of our country’s greatest achievements would not have been possible.

A prime example of an achievement that NASA carried out for the United States was being the first country to put a man on the moon. The fact that people still discuss this event to this day demonstrates just how incredible of a feat having a man step foot on an entirely separate celestial body (which is around 238,900 miles away from our planet) is. I firmly believe that without brilliant minds of the people that work at NASA, we would not have the vast amount of knowledge about the universe whether its NASA helping track Earth’s ozone layer depletion or discovering black holes found hundreds to millions of light years away, NASA has always been at the forefront of scientific discoveries about our planet.

Despite all the prodigious accomplishments that NASA has made for our country, they are still receiving the short end of the stick from the government. According to The Planetary Society, In 2020, NASA received $22.6 billion (about $70 per person in the US) in funding from the United States of America federal budget. While in 2020, the Department of Defense received about $750 billion (about $2,300 per person in the US) for “national security”.

The fact that our country is throwing the majority of our federal budget towards our military is, honestly, incredibly sad to me. Personally, I feel that the government allocating nearly one trillion dollars to the military is incredibly overkill due to our country already being a powerhouse as it is. While I completely understand the reasoning behind having a high defense budget, I just don’t get the reasoning behind allocating the immense amount of money towards our military. I feel that it gets to the point of being absolutely absurd. I genuinely understand that most of the resources that the defense budget pays for are extremely expensive, but I just feel like the government could offer these companies that are creating these resources a tax break or something to help offset the cost of production.

I believe that one of NASAs near future goals should be to establish a lunar base on the moon. I feel that this is a logical leap due to the fact that a big goal of NASA is to step foot on Mars. If NASA were to send humans to Mars, I think that it would be a wise idea to set up a base on the Moon that would act as a rest stop for the astronauts. Then, they could refuel their spaceship and make sure everything is in order before making the 178,831,100-mile journey from the Moon to Mars.

While I completely understand the difficulties of setting up a lunar base because of fuel, time, money and other efforts, I feel that having a rest stop on the moon would be an incredibly worthwhile investment if we plan to travel throughout the stars in our species’ future. If NASA wants to accomplish this glorious but challenging task, then they would need to receive more funding from the United States government.

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