Piper Pavelich / Equinox Staff

Piper Pavelich
Equinox Staff

With spring comes warmer weather and clearer skies. As students are beginning to come out of their winter slumps and into the sunshine that has engulfed the Keene area, many are looking for new spots outside to explore.

There are many spots around the Keene area that students can escape to for some sunshine and fresh air.

The Chesterfield Gorge Trail is located about 15 minutes from campus and is a spot to go visit for a short hike. This spot can be visited whether one is looking to just get some fresh air or is looking for a quick escape.

Before the trail begins, there is a rest area with a few picnic tables where people can sit and relax or enjoy some food before or after their walk on the trail. If students are looking for an escape from their desks, this is a spot where students can get some homework done while listening to the sounds of the river.

The approximately 0.7-mile loop-shaped gorge trail goes down and around the gorge and has views of the river and the vast surrounding forest. One can take in the fresh air, sites and some common wildlife such as birds and chipmunks. The sounds of the river and the trees blowing in the wind are therapeutic for some. Different types of moss and mushrooms can be seen growing along the trail. One can stop at some areas off the main trail to relax on the rocks and listen to the river flowing. There are some areas just off the main trail that one can walk down to and easily get some nice pictures. If one is looking to do a little exploring and picture taking, expect to be there for about 45 minutes to one hour. For a shorter walk, expect to be there for about 20 to 25 minutes.

People can bring their furry friends along with them, as long as they are kept on a leash. The trail is well-maintained and good for all skill levels. The trail sees moderate foot traffic, as it is a great way to get some fresh air without having to do a difficult hike, so one can expect to see some faces on their walk. People sometimes leave notes on the stumps that can be seen along the trail, so keep an eye out!

Bug spray is not a big concern, as there are not many bugs around. However, when it is sunny out, sunscreen and water are important things to remember to bring. There are many open spots through the trees where the sun can shine down onto the trail and illuminate the walk. One should wear sturdy shoes, as there are some roots and rocks along the trail that should be carefully maneuvered around.

This trail is considered a hidden gem by locals and visiting tourists. The Chesterfield Gorge Trail is a must-see site for those who have never walked it and are looking for a quick escape into nature.


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