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Ben Field
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Mental wellness is getting more attention at Keene State College through the Thrive organization.

At the end of the Fall 2020 semester, Thrive was formed out of the idea to help the mental health of students at Keene State College. Though the semester has only just begun, Thrive is already seeing forward momentum in their goal of helping the students of Keene State. Those that work with Thrive are eager to see what the future holds not only for the organization but also for the mental health of the students.

Coordinator of Wellness Education and an organizer of Thrive Tiffany Mathews helps to put events together for Thrive that will allow the students to “safely socialize.” Mathews said she knows how challenging these times can be and, along with everyone else at the Wellness Center, she “wanted to make sure they were addressing wellness needs.”

Thrive offers several different mental health services to the students as well as the faculty. Every weekday at noon Thrive holds a Zoom call with the counseling staff to talk to students about the wellness theme of the day. For example, Mondays are about mindfulness, so students can discuss stressful issues and get help “setting themselves up for a good and successful week.” Additionally, Mathews noted that she was eager to continue peer education and that it would be interesting to see how many more students get involved.

Jordan Dawson is a Senior Nutrition major and has recently gotten involved with Thrive. Dawson said he discovered the organization through a nutrition class and, “got involved through my internship with Tiffany.” One of the other wellness events mentioned by Dawson is the “Winter Hangout” which occurs every Wednesday night at 7 p.m.. “It’s definitely pretty fun,” said Dawson, “People really want to get out and connect with their community.” Dawson also added that one of the best things about Thrive is how much it, “helps with wellness promotion,” and has even assisted him with future job skills.

A Community Assistant (CA) has also found Thrive to be a helpful resource on campus. Junior nursing student Alana Lehouillier heard about Thrive through CA training. Lehouillier thinks that Thrive is, “doing a really good job on Facebook,” as she has seen a lot of activity on their Facebook page and is starting to get involved within their social media presence by inviting people to events. Her job as a CA allows her to help a lot of students at once as she said, “I’m really trying to do a lot of programming with my residents.” As for the future of Thrive, Lehouillier says that she is “excited for what is to come.”

Thrive is a new organization on campus focusing on the mental health and wellness of all at Keene State College. As Tiffany Mathews described it, “Thrive is supposed to be very positive, uplifting and student-centered.”


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