There were three elections on the night of March 9 at the student assembly meeting. The open positions that students fought for were: Class of 2024 President, Class of 2024 Representative and Class of 2021 Representative.

Keene State College first-year Emma Wheeler was elected as the President of Class of 2024 on March 9. Wheeler is double majoring in elementary education and women’s and gender studies. Wheeler shared how she is passionate about making the world a better place and the leadership experiences she had.

KSC first-year Rachel Perry was elected as the Class of 2024 Representative. Perry is majoring in secondary education and history. Perry also shared her leadership experiences.

KSC senior and economics major Lindsey Ljungberg was selected for the position of Class of 2021 Representative. Ljungberg said that she is passionate for the wellbeing of KSC students.

Student Government Advisor and Associate Vice President for Student Engagement Jen Ferrell informed the student leaders that there have been many searches going on for student representatives in different levels on campus for forums and committees. She encouraged the student leaders to get involved in those positions. She also informed the student government that she is looking over the off-campus housing needs at the moment. She asked the leaders to send students with questions regarding off-campus, landlords, neighborhood, federal care dollars and lease to her way. Ferrell also congratulated the newly elected student leaders.

Student Body President Davis Bernstein encouraged the government leaders to reach out to the campus students so that the government can voice their concerns to the administration.

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